Getting Ready To Move? NO NEED TO SPEND $$$$... TIDY UP!!!

Are you thinking of moving this spring?  "Spring" seems to be the most popular time of year for people to put their homes on the market. Everyone always seems to be "waiting for spring"!

Whatever the time of year, the most important thing any home seller can ever do is TIDY UP.  In most cases, significant, or even insignificant, renovations aren't really necessary. And by "not necessary", what is meant is spending $1000 or $2000 on a renovation project or projects will get you a negative return (the return is less than the amount it cost you to complete the project).  So, why spend $1000 to get $100?  

Most homes, and of course there are exceptions, don't require a huge amount of work to prepare to sell.  Most buyers purchasing a resale home, and again, there are exceptions, acknowledge that the home will not be perfect.  It may have holes in the walls from where pictures hung.  It may have slight scuff marks on the hardwood floor from where a plate was dropped.  There may be a crack in the sidewalk concrete.

In selling a home, aside from proper pricing, presentation, and exposure, the most valuable piece of advice is to TIDY UP. Outside, even if it's winter, make sure your yard doesn't look like you've forgotten about it.  It should look dormant, not forgotten.  Cut back trees and shrubs, try to rake leaves up off the grass, and make sure that gardening tools, lawnmowers, and all the "summer stuff" is stored neatly in the garage or basement. Buyers would rather have a garage packed neatly with yard furniture than have an empty garage with outdoor furniture an dcushions strewn around outside. For a summer sale, cut the grass, rake the leaves and pinecones, and have your yard look cared for.

And now for the interior... Remember, buyers are confused by clutter.  The more clutter there is in a home, the harder it is for them to see THEIR STUFF in there.  They can't see it as their home if too much of YOUR STUFF clutters their minds. 

In the kitchen, clear the personal magnets, notes, pictures off of your fridge. Make sure counters have minimal appliances and gadgets on them. Clean out your junk drawer (every kitchen has one). Most of all, keep counters relatively bare, and make sure dishes are put away. Dirty dishes kill sales, and bare counters make them look bigger, and give the buyers the impression that the seller is organized.  Organized people are up to date on home maintenance, and take care of their homes!!!

In bedrooms, bathrooms, and the rest of your home, the same principles apply. Make beds, make sure your closets are organized, with clothes folded, and nicely arranged. Linen closets, same thing... Folded, and neat. Bathrooms? Same principle as for the kitchen: Counters tidy, and relatively bare...  Put that toothbrush and hair brush in the drawer. Fold and hang the towels. Family and rec rooms? More leeway here, as we know this is where families spend alot of their time, but kids toys put away, "stuff" picked up off the floor and put away.  

The best thing to note about the recommendations above is that they cost you nothing other than time. No contractor required. No special equipment needed. A bit of time, a bit of your own labor, and a desire for a quicker sale of your home is all it takes to TIDY UP and make your home more appealing to that buyer who wants to pay top dollar for your home!