Trust Your Gut Instinct

Recently, I was working with clients who were interested in purchasing a new home. This was a "down sizing" scenario, so these clients had some previous experience in both purchasing and selling properties.  

At the beginning of our search, we viewed "the perfect" property but my clients felt it was too early in the process to "jump" at this one (yet). We soon found out that there was an offer to purchase coming in from another interested buyer. So, after a lot of discussion, we presented an offer in competition. On my advice, they went with their "best price" but we were unsuccessful. 

The following week, after the disappointment of losing such a wonderful home, we viewed several other comparable properties. Then I heard, "oh man, we should have gone higher on our offer. It was the one but we didn't know it was because we hadn't seen anything else to compare to".  

Shoulda'... Coulda'.... Woulda'....

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. We were able to find them a wonderful new home but they experienced a lot of anxiety wondering if they had already "missed out" on the perfect house. 

 We all second guess ourselves at times but when searching for your new home, I always say you'll get "that feeling" when you walk in. If you've done your homework, you know where you stand financially and know what you like and dislike in a home, then you'll just know. 

 Whether it's the first property you see or it's after seeing so many you don't you gut instincts, they won't let you down.