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Designing Travel Inc.

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Designing Travel Inc. is a "Supportive Travel Service" Providing Travel Experiences for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities. Our mission is to inspire a gift of life to an ever growing population of disabled adults and senior individuals requesting assistance, in their goals to travel. We are a company who thrives on assisting individuals (both seniors and persons with disabilities) on supported vacations and trips.

We also realize that not everyone has the financial means to be able to travel the world and we have designed something just for them; we work with various groups and organizations to create a day or an evening trip to a destination of choice, within a community hall or residence facility. We help activity coordinators or event planners, plan the event and provide the qualified staff to set up and run the event.

Our Services for travelling Include:

Group Travel

Individual Travel

Companion Care Program

Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Airport to Airport Assistance


Our Services for Travel Events Include:

Client Support

General Atmosphere







As business partners we both enjoy learning, growing and developing ourselves, in order to improve and love who we are and be doing what we love to do. We both live our lives with meaning, determination, optimism and excitement. We have no need for recognition of our accomplishments, just self-satisfaction of helping others. Believing in who we are, what we want and taking steps towards action every day, we make it happen. Taking action to make our lives fulfilling and providing benefits to others is constantly a vision. When we work towards our passion in life, it propels and motivates us into more and more action, and then more and more success. We have a plan that provides us with purpose and access to our individual potential, which constantly is created by the things we do and say. Creating a warm, loving, and nurturing environment, for us and all of those around us is very rewarding.

Through Designing Travel Inc. we know we are able to impact the people around us and that come into services with us, and we will continue to strive to that level of excellence. We are able to provide a variety of services and we are always open to the requests of our customers to adapt services further to suit their needs.

We know where we're going. We are getting there. Once we get there, we just begin another plan of creating more and more exciting life experiences that build and build to help others. We have a DREAM! A DREAM that provides us with an inspiring picture of the future, A DREAM empowering us to be the best that we can be.


We have a vast range of services that we provide such as companionship care, personal care, airport to airport or general assistance that we have not found many competitors have to offer. Aside from that we feel that our intake process and dedication is what sets us apart by far. We work on a one on one basis completing independent questionnaires to determine where to travel, what challenges are present, or what types of assistance is required. We can work with the individual throughout the entire process, we can research the destination, find out what assistive equipment may be needed there, and accessibility concerns addressed and amount of staff support needed or wanted on a vacation.

Based on needs, destination, interests and personality, Designing Travel will suggest a few different staff we feel will be the most appropriate to assist the individual. Prior to any destination the client and suggested staff will have the opportunity for various meet and greet sessions. As a client they have the choice of a staff they will have on their vacation. Our largest concern is that both the client and our staff are comfortable and feeling safe with one another. You will then later meet to plan itinerary’s, and research further into how to spend their time on the vacation.

While vacationing with Designing Travel Inc. the staff are in constant contact with supervisors through phone, email or Skype. The Designing Travel team ensures that clients return with souvenirs and photographs from their trip as well as daily information logs for any family/friends and other supports should anyone wish to receive them.

Designing Travel Inc. exists to improve the lives of those living with disabilities and the challenges of aging. We provide service through travel experiences that allow our clients to have a vacation that covers their every need and want: A vacation: “DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU!"

The most rewarding part about our services is knowing that we can adapt services and seek opportunities that are geared to each individuals need. Every time we sit down with a client and learn about their travel goals we are able to share with them that it is obtainable.

If we are meeting a client regarding a travel themed event, we are able to see the impact we have on providing a travel experience to the attendees and how we can remind them of a destination they have been before or we can give them a night in that special destination should they never be able to really go, its just wonderful.

Specialized Travel Research

Our travel research is a service we provide to help determine if your destination is best suited for their interests, needs and availability. We begin with a face to face consultation meeting to see what places they wish to travel and what things they would like to do while there. Secondly we find out if they desire assistance or any assistive equipment that we can utilize at the destination.

We research and use our contacts in the industry to provide the most adaptable, safe and affordable vacation for our client. Research can be done for flights, hotels, tours or specific activities travelling. Whether, vacationing in a group or individually this service is provided.

Dedication to a Successful Experience

Offering an above average support in regards to their needs, emotionally, physically, and mentally while traveling. Our services produce a high added-value to our clients by eliminating fears, introducing comfort, security, adventure, opportunity, and the building of new relationships in a growing and developing population.

Finance Options

We do have some financing options available and they can be discussed individually and in confidence. We assist clients in the budgeting and saving process so that they may see the plan for their travel goals.

Please check out our website for additional information at or call for an information package and learn how to get started with your travel goals.