How to Make Gardening and Landscaping Easier

Hardy Plants Make Gardening and Landscaping Easier

To make gardening easier, consider plants that offer good ground cover, adapt well under the range of local conditions, and work within your designated hardiness zone (determined by average minimum temperature).

As a general example, hostas are a broad-leafed species that will thrive in most North American regions, as long as they are not over-exposed to sun. Mature hostas can even be divided to expand your coverage. Ferns can also flourish under various conditions, with little attention required beyond adequate water and, in some cases, shade. Flowering species such as daylilies and black-eyed susans can add colour, with a range of bloom types that often require only basic care.

Whatever plants you choose for your home or cottage, locate them in places that match their sunshine, soil and water 
requirements. Before planting your garden, check regional hardiness guidelines as well as local rules pertaining to water conservation, fertilization and pesticide use.