Getting Your House Ready To Sell - Part 1 - Curb Appeal

When selling your house you might think the number one thing to worry about is how the interior of your home looks. The interior is verry important, however, a potential purchaser will make their first impressions on how the exterior of the house looks. You want to make a good first impression.

First things first, do any necesarry repairs to the exterior of the house. When doing repairs to any part of your home it is always wise to hire a professional to ensure it's done right. When a potential purchaser knows things have been done by a professional they are more likely to trust that the work was done right instead of second guessing the workmanship and attempting to get more money off of the purchase price.

Now that you have the repairs done you can focus on your curb appeal. With Spring in full swing and Summer approaching, the flowers are in full bloom! But wait! Don't plant all those bright colored flowers in the garden just yet. Not everyone has a green thumb and might be turned away by a big, beautiful garden.

Concider these points to up your curb appeal:

  • Low maintenance landscaping.
  • Concider a few small trees or shrubs. (depending on the size of your yard)
  • Instead of planting flowers in the ground plant them in pots that can be easily removed.
  • Keep your lawn mowed and free of any debris.
  • Make the front entrance of your home feel welcoming. Put a mat in front of the door and if there is stairs or a patio make sure there is railing for a sense of security.

Keep all this in mind when working on your curb appeal and you will definately make a good first impression!