Sochi Olympics Will Be Smarter Bolder Faster

This blog is so epic that I created a trailer...

Century 21 is always finding ways to be current, innovative, and stay one step ahead. Century 21 doesn't just say they are Smarter Bolder Faster - they live it. Since that's the kind a person I am, and REALTOR that I strive to be, it's a perfect match. 

Another perfect match is that Century 21 in the USA sponsors the Bobsled and Skeleton teams. Smarter Bolder Faster is exactly what a bobsled team needs to take home the gold. 
So when the head office invited some of us from the Summit office to Canada Olympic Park to meet the US Bobsled team and sit in the sled that proudly sports the Century 21 logo, we jumped at the opportunity. It was an incredible day.
Another real estate company thinks a generic hot air balloon is a good marketing strategy for selling your home. It is, if this was 1925 and you're selling Gatsby's mansion. But in 2014 a unique website address (, high resolution photos, interactive maps, and info on local amenities will probably be more effective. And world wide and forward thinking ideas like sponsoring a bobsled team makes sense to me. But you can decide what's best for you when the time comes to sell the largest investment of your life.
Let's get back to bobsled.
Nick Cummingham, the driver, met us at the top of the track. Nick is built like a luxury SUV - powerful and sturdy without compromising speed at all. To be honest, I expected an American Olympian at an obligatory 'meet the sponsor event' to be an arrogant jerk. But Nick is one of the most genuinely awesome dudes I've ever met. He stood in the stands with us and explained all things bobsled as we watched other countries take practice runs. 
We were soon joined by his teammate, Dallas Robinson, who was equally as awesome. Dallas looks he could probably push a blue bin full of Fridays emptys through a back alley faster than I could pull it with my car. 
The boys left us for a few minutes to do their practice run while we cheered them on. Then came back and talked with us some more. They re-hashed their run - what went wrong, what went right.
'Is the sled causing you problems? I can call someone at head office,' I joked.
'Haha, it's a really great sled actually.' Nick replied with a smile.
Here's a few quick things I learned about bobsled that might make watching it more interesting:
1. Sochi's track is a drivers' track. It's not as fast as Whistler but has more difficult turns to maneuver. Nick loves it.
2. If all the Pushers don't jump straight down into the bobsled, or jump in at an angle, the sled will veer to one side causing you to loose all of your speed. But all four men jump in the sled within a seconds, making it one of the most complex team activities in any sport.
3. There's a delicate balance between going to high on a corner and loosing time, or going to low on a corner and loosing speed. That's what makes driving so difficult. Besides the fact you're going down a steep mountain of ice at an incredbible speed.
4. They have to paint over the Century 21 logo for the Olympics. Boo.
Nick and Dallas will be completing in the Two Man Bobsled in Sochi this week. Best of luck!