Does Your Agent???

Does your agent address your concerns about your purchase or sale with a specific set of terms and conditions? Or, do they take the chance (with your money and your home) that everything will work out fine?

If you have a concern about certain items being dealt with to your satisfaction, they should be specified within your purchase contract (for either the sale of your home, or the purchase of your next home). Simple items such as yard clean up and trash disposal, to repair of something that is not 100% functional, to bringing items up to building code, or rectifying safety issues ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BE SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED within the contract to ensure your satisfaction as either the buyer or seller.

Many agents assume that all buyers and sellers are essentially "good, honest people", which in 99% of cases is true. However, even the most well-intentionned people forget things during the moving process, which is always overwhelming. Mentioning to a seller to fix something can easily be forgotten during the moving process, for example.

Bottom line... Be SPECIFIC, and add CONSEQUENCES to if your requests and demands are not met.