Flooding in Calgary - How can we help?

Everyone's heart is in the right place when tragedy strikes and people want to help!

Where do you start......? There are many agencies organizing volunteers and accepting donations.

Some tips for you to think about when you are donating.

1.  Make sure you know who is collecting the donation. Whether its a donation of money or goods, check to see who is accepting it from you. Use your electronic device and look the charity up!

2.  Make sure you know where your donation is going. If you are choosing to donate to help the Alberta Flood effort, then be specific. If your desire is to keep it local then let it be known when you donate.

3.  If its your time you want to give, then inquire as to where your help will be the most beneficial. The City of  Calgary blog is a great resource to follow as to where they need volunteers next.

4.  Do not be pressured into giving what you can not give or what you are not comfortable giving! Your donation does not have to be huge. Every bit of money, goods and time is appreciated by those in need no matter how small.

 5.  Remember that its never too late. If you could not get out in the first couple of days, don't worry. There is still plenty to do! There are some areas of Calgary that are just starting to see water levels back to normal now.

One last word to all the volunteers, front line workers, fire fighters, police officers, emergency personal, everone that has helped.......THANK YOU!!

We are surrounded by great, caring people and that's what makes us proud Albertians!

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