Spring Life Hacks

Sometimes it is not good to build things up because there is always the chance that you are only setting someone up for disappointment. But don’t worry about that. For now, prepare.

Prepare to be absolutely blown away. Prepare to everything you thought you knew totally obliterated. The secrets we are about to reveal are earth shattering, life changing, awe-inspiring, and you don’t have to pay a thing! We are about to give you groundbreaking information that is 100% true and begging for you to put into action.

You thought you knew spring. But you don’t know it like this.

Here are our top five spring hacks:

1). Want free fertilizer that will actually help your garden and not just sit there stinking up the place? Go to starbucks and ask for a bag of their used coffee grounds. These are the wet grinds leftover from espresso shots and Starbucks gives them away for free to be used as fertilizer! Mix them in with your garden soil for amazing results. Your soil will thank you.

2). Tired of the house smelling like the cleaner from all the cleaning you’ve been doing indoors? Feeling a tad lightheaded? If there is no breeze outside to help usher out the pungent odor of chemicals, tape a dryer sheet to a fan and let it make your home smell like fresh laundry!

3). Want to shine up some appliances without all the elbow grease? Tired of scrubbing and until your arm is sore with nothing but a semi-clean surface and the smell of chemicals to live on? Try vinegar. It is an extremely effective cleaner and the smell disappears once it dries!

4). If you don’t want to accidently shovel your entire garden away in the winter, drive wooden spikes along the perimeter of it to guide the shovel! Come spring you can take those spikes out and fill the holes with extra soil. Trust us. It’s worth it. You THINK you’re not silly enough to accidently shovel your garden away, but you are. We all are.

5). Want time to pass quickly as you clean? Turn on some music. Busting a move is proven to help you get things accomplished quickly and effectively. Plus, you will look good and sound good doing it!

Life hacks: they make everything so much easier.