Sometimes you just have to be you!

Fluevog boots

´OK I am a mother of 4.  And I drive a minivan.  I am most often seen wearing yoga pants and flip flops (much to my broker's dismay I'm sure).  But sometimes I just want to be different.  Sometimes I want to let my inner diva out.  These boots are my way of saying "Here I am world - watch out".  Actually, these boots don't just "say" that, they SHOUT it.  I have had random strangers say to me "Those boots are HOT".  They are a conversation starter, a second glance getter and just generally a great pick-me-up on a dreary Alberta winter's day.  According to one of my fellow agents they are my from my "goth" phase.  Fortunately for me that phase will last until the day they put me in the ground.  Work hard, play harder and let yourself have a fun side.  Life will pass you by and it's too short to not have great boots.

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