Here are some tips for staying sane and organized while doing home renovations!

1. Practice these seven P's, Prior Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance!

2. If you are not doing the project yourself make sure you check in with the contractors as often. There is lots of decisions that need to be made daily and if you are there to answer them all then the project will flow much smoother if you are there to answer them. If you can not be there everyday then make sure you touch base with your contractors to make sure they have everything they need from you.


3. Create a time line with your contractor so you are both on the same page of what kind of progress should be made. You both need to be on the same page. Somethings take longer than others and you don't want to be thinking that something with be done quicker than what is actually possible. Have it posted at the job site. This will keep everyone on schedule including yourself.


4. Make sure you have all the materials on the job site when they are needed. Order your materials ahead of time. It is better to have them ready and waiting than putting the job behind schedule because you do not have certain materials.


5. Have an off site, secure location where you can store your extra materials and maybe even stage certain things to see how they look. Having things in your home during renovations can risk them being damaged or get them very dirty. Depending on the project you are doing it may prevent them from being stolen if your home can be easily accessed.


That is all for now.