Keeping Cool

All winter long we wait with frozen toes for the sun to break through the snowy gloom and thaw the outdoors to a more bearable temperature. All across facebook and twitter one can find statuses regarding the weather, most of them complaining about the lack of heat. Flash forward to August, arguably the hottest month of the year for those in western Canada. Suddenly all those statuses change from wanting heat, to wanting air conditioning. However, most houses do not contain air conditioning units, and while they are desired by many during hot summer nights, sometimes they are not exactly realistic. So, what are some creative ways to help keep your home cool in the midst of the summer heat?

The first thing you can do is TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! Light bulbs produce more heat than people realize, and by turning them off you not only cut out that source of heat, but you can also save on electrical bills! Use the lights in your home as little as possible. And yes, that includes lights as small as the one above your oven.

Speaking of the oven… COOK OUTSIDE! Turning on the oven or stove produces a ton of heat, so move all cooking to the BBQ if possible! Summer is also an excellent time to try some new, cool recipes that don’t involve using the stove or oven at all (cool in both the hip and unique sense, and the temperature sense)!

Turn fans OUTWARDS during the day and INWARDS at night! By turning the fan so it’s blowing air outside, it is effectively pushing the heat back outdoors where it belongs rather than sucking it in! Comparatively, turning fans inwards at nights brings in the cool nighttime air to turn your house from a sauna into something more bearable!

For those of you with air conditioners, we envy you! For those of you without, apply these three simple steps to your home practices and good luck!