Neighbourhood Friendly: Kids Edition

In the search for a new home, it is important to not just look at what the best property for your needs is, but neighbourhood, too! While the house itself is important, the surrounding area can make or break a place to live. Finding the right neighbourhood becomes especially important when you have kids because chances are they will be exposed to more of it in their day-to-day lives than you will. So, what should be on your checklist? Here is a list to help you get started thinking!

1). School: Every child goes to school, so check out the designated one for your area! Also, look into any that may be within the neighbourhood for accessibility! School is very important in shaping your child, and a neighbourhood gains a lot of value if it contains a good education building!

2). Parks: What does every child want to do after school? Play at the park! Especially if you have young children, a nearby park or pathway will be a tremendous asset! It will give you something to do with the kids, and will be a safe place for them to play and explore!

3). Nearby Clinic: Although no one wants to imagine their child getting sick, it typically happens during a kids’ life. Look for a neighbourhood with a nearby 24/hour clinic to make those 2 a.m. earaches more bearable. The close proximity will be so much more convenient than having to drive all across town.

4). Drive-By: The most important thing about a neighbourhood for parents is that it is safe. While it’s hard to gauge safety during the middle of the day in some areas, drive through it late one night! Does the house next to yours have wild house parties? Is the street dimly lit or not lit at all? Both of those things, among others, are red flags that you want to avoid!

Let this list get you thinking about what your family could most benefit from in a neighbourhood! Remember: it’s not just the house that counts; it’s the entire area.