PART 2 :To Use a REALTOR or Not?

As promised here are next 5 reasons to work with a REALTOR.

But first just to remind all my readers out there, these 10 points (the first 5 are on my previous blog) were in an article written by Bob Jablonski, CREB president and featured in the CREB Real Estate News. I just wanted to use my own words and pass on the great information!

6. Less Headaches.

Most people work full time and/or have a family to take care of. They are busy. Sellers do not have time to spend arranging open houses, marketing that open house, taking out news paper ads, screening and qualifying potential buyers not to mention viewings. Your REALTOR takes care of all these complications.

7. Safety.

REALTORS use lock boxes on our listings, this way we know who is viewing a house and therefore who is accountable. We arrange and accompany perspective buyers to showings, this way contents are safer from possible theft. REALTORS are present during home inspections or in the event that our presence is required. For example if I have clients that are out of town, I check on their property inside and out every couple of days!

8. Showing and Featuring - it's a skill.

People often think their house is perfect and move in ready. REALTORS are trained in being objective, seeing through to what should be fixed or changed to make a house more desirable for perspective buyers. As well as what qualities of a home those buyers are most interested in.

9. Negotiations.

REALTORS are trained in the art of negotiation. When we represent a buyer or a seller, we know how to communicate, which benefits our clients, who receive the best possible out come in each transaction.

10. From contracts to contracts.

When buying or selling a house there is an enormous amount of paperwork, follow-up, considerations and contacts to be made, not to mentions contracts to be signed. From clause sales, home inspections, mortgages and more, REALTORS have the know how and contacts that will make the entire process as easy as possible.

An average time frame from anywhere between 75 to 120 hours (and beyond!) of work goes into selling a house. Not to mention the frustration, money, planning and the decisions that need to be made effectively and in a timely manner. That's why people decide to use the fortitude and commitment of a licenced real estate agent, hire a REALTOR to do what they do best.....

sell your house for you!