PEI Real Estate Report - Listing Your Home During the Holidays

Heading into the holiday season people who have been thinking about putting their home on the market will often hesitate listing until after the holiday season. One very obvious and understandable reason for that is simply because the holidays are hectic. The thought of adding showings and open houses into the mix is daunting.  Also, some potential sellers may take the opinion that people typically aren't house hunting over Christmas and New Year. But there are advantages to listing at this time of year. True, many people are in holiday mode and perhaps holding off on house hunting until after the holidays, but for those serious house buyers (and they are the ones you want) it doesn't matter if it's the holidays. They want to find a home and will be scouring real estate websites daily over the holiday season waiting to see a new listing. The holiday season could be a good opportunity to put your home on the market with perhaps less competition that you might see in the spring and summer. Consider also that a home decorated for Christmas is often very warm and inviting. It might be one of the best times of the year to show your home.

Check out this week's PEI Real Estate Report VIdeo below:

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of showings and open houses while trying to manage all of your other holiday obligations, communicate that to your Realtor. They can work with you to take the pressure off and work within your schedule. Whenever you decide to list, feel confident that its the right time for you.

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