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New Canadian Mortgage Rules

Joel discusses the new mortgage rules that have been announced and what affect they will have on the residents of Prince Edward Island.

Curb Appeal

Spring is here and if your home is on the market or will be, it's not too early to start improving it's curb appeal! In this week's PEI Real Estate Report, Joel discusses some ideas for improving your curb appeal.

What a Real Estate Agent Brings To the Table

In this week's PEI Real Estate Report video Joel discusses what a real estate agent brings to the table in the buying or selling of your home.


Selling Your Home Yourself

Thinking you can save some money selling your property yourself? It's understandable that some would entertain the thought of selling their own home. We are in the DIY decade after all. Joel discusses some things
to consider when weighing your options.

Listing Your Home This Spring

You've decided to list your home this Spring. While Spring seems ages away, realistically, it will be upon us in no time. Now is the time to get a head start on getting your home ready. Get started now de-cluttering and organizing. Once you can really SEE your home, it is easier to determine what comes next, paint touch ups, steam cleaning carpets, furnace servicing, etc.

Winter Is A Good Time To Sell

It's the new year and many of you have made the choice to put your home up for sale. it's not uncommon for people to think that spring is the best time to put their home on the market since we've come to believe that is when activity starts to happen after the new year.

Mortgages and Knowing Where You Stand

When thinking about purchasing a new home, many of us put the cart before the horse. We start house shopping before knowing what kind of mortgage we qualify for. Knowing where you stand financially will put you in charge of your home buying journey and potentially save you the time and heartache to a home that was out of your reach.

The Real Estate Market

This week, Joel discusses the PEI Real Estate market and how it affects you.

Financing and What Options You Have

This week Joel discusses financing and how to plan for your financing. Please contact your mortgage broker, or our mortgage brokerage at

Things To Get Yourself Prepared for The New Year

In the first PEI Real Estate Report, Joel discusses how to get yourself prepared if you are looking to purchase or sell a home. It's better to get a plan going now instead of waiting until later in the year.

Listing Your Home During The Holidays

In this week's PEI Real Estate Report, Joel discusses purchasing or selling a home over the holiday season. It might not be as busy as other times of the year, but the market is still moving at this time of year.

Rental Properties

There are many things to take into account when purchasing any property. Joel discusses some of the things to think about in this week's PEI Real Estate Report video.

First-Time Homebuyers

Are you buying a home for the first time? Joel discusses tips when purchasing a home for the first time.

A Buyer's Market?

You may have heard that it is a Buyer's Market out there. This may have you questioning your decision to put your home up for sale. Don't be intimidated by the generalized statement Buyer's Market. Regardless of the state of the economy there will always be people buying and selling their homes.

What Size Home Is Right For You?

When looking for a new home, whether buying or building, one of the most fundamental questions that needs to be answered is, what size home do we want? It's an interesting question and one that has probably been rephrased in the past several years from what size do we want, to, what size do we need?

A Career In Real Estate

We look for all different personality types to work with us to ensure that we can match the right agent with the right client. You may find it helpful to try our Career Test! It will give you in-depth feedback on how your personality will jive with the real estate business. Check it out at or go to the Careers section of our website to take the test.

Is It Time to Downsize?

Cost of living increases, the global financial crisis, retirement and empty nests are some of the reasons people are asking themselves if now is the right time to downsize to a lower priced home.

To Buy Or Build?

To Buy or Build? That's the question. Joel discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the two and how you can make that decision.


This week, Joel discusses staging and getting your house ready for sale. It is very important that you take into account that when people view your house, that they want to be able to visualize themselves living in the space. A little work, can go a long way.

Home Improvements

Joel discusses the various ways that you can make improvements on a home you are looking to purchase. There are programs and ways to finance these improvements if you are looking to buy a home.

Being a Realtor

Have you thought about a career in PEI real estate? We can help you in taking the steps to reach that goal.

Investing In Real Estate

Joel discusses investing in PEI real estate in this week's PEI Real Estate Report.

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

Joel discusses the importance of getting your house ready for sale. Things like minor painting, upkeep and getting some minor cosmetic things done.

Closing Costs

We've gotten quite a few questions on closing costs. Joel discusses what to expect when you are in the closing of a home and what costs are involved.


What Should I Do When Buying My Second Home?

As life goes on, housing needs change. Whether your family is getting bigger, you're downsizing or just looking for a change, there comes a time in the lives of many homebuyers to purchase a new house. This is something many homebuyers have to figure out for themselves and every case is different.


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