2 Ambrose Street (formerly 20 Brighton Road), Charlottetown - C21Colonial Old Homes Week

Century 21 Colonial Old Homes Week

2 Ambrose Street (formerly 20 Brighton Road), Charlottetown

AKA: MacKinnon / Perkins House

Old home week marks a special time when friends and family reunite on the island to recount old memories and make new ones. Just like the memories families make together, so do the homes they once lived in. This week we will be showcasing five historical homes as part of our Old Homes Week, highlighting interesting points of these prominent homes in Prince Edward Island. 

Today, we feature 2 Ambrose Street in Charlottetown, known historically as 20 Brighton Road. It is situated on the corner of Brighton Road and Ambrose street and is considered to be one of the first homes of the Brighton area. Built between 1878-1880 for Donald MacKinnon, the popular leather tanner located his beautiful new home near his tannery (leather was made popular by the demand for leather shoes, boots, harnesses, etc). He lived there until his death in 1885. 



This home is currently for sale with Century 21 Colonial Realty and you can view the listing here. 

Other notable residents of this gorgeous brick home include: 

Frederick Perkins (also included in the naming of this historic home) - business partner in the dry goods firm Perkins and Sterns. Perkins purchased the home from MacKinnon's widow Mary McGill in 1890.

Rev. Thomas Fullerton - lived in the home after upon purchase in 1906. The home was to be used an a manse for the Kirk of St. James.

B. Roy Holman - mayor of Charlottetown (1940-1944) and lucrative businessman. 

This prestigious local gem features a mansard roof, hooded dormers, and bay windows on both the East and West sides. The two-storey portico and second storey gallery over the verandah supported by round columns were additions added after the home was originally built. 

Today, the house looks like this: 

To view the complete listing for 2 Ambrose Street, please click here. 

If you have questions about 2 Ambrose Street, please send us a message to colonialrealty@century21.ca.

Stay tuned for more historic homes to be featured as a part of C21Colonial's Old Homes Week. 

For more information on this home, please visit 20 Brighton Road @ Canada's Historic Places.


*Historical information sourced from "Charlottetown - The Life in Its Buildings" by Irene L. Rogers


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