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Century 21 Colonial's Old Homes Week

55-57-59 Hillsborough Street, Charlottetown 

AKA: Wellner Terrace

Old home week marks a special time when friends and family reunite on the island to recount old memories and make new ones. Just like the memories families make together, so do the homes they once lived in. This week we will be showcasing five historical homes as part of our Old Homes Week, highlighting interesting points of these prominent homes in Prince Edward Island. 

Today we feature 55-57-59 Hillsborough Street, also known as Wellner Terrace, named for the original owner W. W. Wellner. The property is located in downtown Charlottetown, across from historic Hillsborough Square. The three-part building offers an interesting story as it is actually a redesign of a structure that stood before it in a different part of PEI.  


57 Hillsborough Street is currently for sale with Century 21 Colonial and can be viewed here.

Wellner, who originally had the 32-room hotel Franklin House built on the outskirts of Charlottetown between 1879-80 realized, shortly after its creation, that the business would not succeed. The hotel was closed and Wellner decided to repurpose the large hotel into something else. It wasn't until 1900 that W. C. Harris, a noted architect of that period, was asked to design a three part semi-detached dwelling across from Hillsborough Square. The hotel was dismantled and the wood redesigned into what stands today as Wellner Terrace. 

The building itself is balanced in design, similar to its cousin Dundas Terrace, which was also designed by W.C. Harris. Wellner Terrace features dormers, umbrages, bays, and emphasizes gables on the first storey. 

Today, the house looks like this: 

Information relating to the renovation of Wellner Terrace can be found here. 

To view a complete listing of 57 Hillsborough Street, please click here.

If you have questions about 57 Hillsborough Street, please send us a message to colonialrealty@century21.ca.

Stay tuned for more historic homes to be featured as a part of C21Colonial's Old Homes Week!

*1983 Image and historical information sourced from "Charlottetown - The Life in Its Buildings" by Irene L. Rogers


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