Hobbit Living Is Quickly Becoming a Phenomenon

Transporting yourself into the life of Frodo Baggins living in the Shire is now easier then one would think.

What if I told you that Hobbit living is a new trend and something that can now be achieved in a matter of days!

  (Sourced from Green Magic Home Website)

Imagine living in a 350+ square foot home that is eco-friendly, energy efficient and features everything a regular home would have but it is under your flower bed. Well a company called Green Magic Homes came up with the idea and its has become a big trend in the tiny home community.

The structure can be made into any design or size. They are made out of "fiber reinforced polymer modular components which are very durable, flexible and waterproof and can even be located in extremely cold climates". The home comes in  dome shapes and the sections are assembled together and placed on a cement slab which has all of your plumbing and heating ran through.

 (Sourced from Green Magic Home Website)

The interior of the home is finished just like a regular home, you can choose rich wooden floors to run the entire space of the  home, floor to ceiling glass tiled showers with double sinks and a beautiful kitchen with cement high gloss counters.

 (Sourced from Green Magic Home Website)

The master bedroom could be a work of art with wooden beam archways, a giant king bed over looking the french doors leading out to your private deck overlooking the lake. 

 (Sourced from Green Magic Home Website)

Once the design is complete the home is covered in soil leaving only the windows and doors visible to the light. The owner can then choose to cover the home in grass or other vegetation.



 (Sourced from Green Magic Home Website)

Would you live in one of these? Will this trend come to PEI?

What a great rental option for the thousands of visitors to our little Island!

Be the first person in PEI to build and own a hobbit house, perhaps on a beautiful lot near the coast or nestled in a wooded area enjoying nature.


Comment below what your hobbit house designs and idea's are.



Megan Dougan

Sales Representative

Century 21 Colonial Realty


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