Home Staging 101

What is home staging? If you are selling your home you need to know.. Why you ask?? With a few simple tips your home will present much better to prospective buyers, which allows you to obtain the best value for your home.

Home staging in a nut shell is about showcasing your home. Think of your home as a product on the market because that's exactly what it will become the moment the for sale sign goes up.

Here are just a 5 things to get you ready to list your home - call it a priority list if you will:

1.ODOUR: This is the number one deterrent for clients so it must be addressed. Smoking,pet odour and strongcooking smells or scents can make a prospective buyer turn around right at the door.

2.CLUTTER: If a buyer is distracted by mess and clutter they are not focusing on the property. In fact, they are so distracted by the mess and clutter that the showing becomes more about your stuff and not about the house.

Decluttering a room can make a very positive effect on its look and style.

3. WINDOWS: No one wants to buy a cave. Have all your blinds and curtains open - let in the natural light. Windows should be cleaned and all blind and curtains should be in working order. 

4. PAINT: Not everyone likes a yellow kitchen and that's ok. You can never go wrong with a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout the entire home, In fact paint is one of the cheapest things you can do to change a space.

5. CURB APPEAL: What does your house look like from the street? A freshly-painted door and a welcome mat are a great starting point. 

First impressions There is often nothing a realtor can say in the first 5 minutes after a buyer enters the home to change the way they feel. Staging your home is about charisma and attraction. As your realtor, I can help you set the stage for your listing. With all my listings I offer a complimentary home staging consultation. 

From tips to furniture placement, creative ways to de-clutter, or help with selecting fresh new paint colors, I will help you eliminate distractions, enhance positive emotions and make your home a pleasure to show. 

Lets get your house sold!

Tanya Cloutier - REALTOR

Century 21 Colonial Realty




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