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 Establish Traffic Patterns

 When creating your outdoor living space establishing traffic patterns is extremely important. You can achieve this by implementing formal walkways into your design, shifting between hard and soft materials or planting shrubs and trees for a soft natural path.


Outdoor Fireplaces

If you have the space invest in a full scale fireplace as this will become the gathering place for your family and friends, if space does not permit purchase a nice fire pit or fire table. This will keep you warm on those cool nights and creates a great atmosphere.

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Utilize A Variety Of Seating Options

Use a variety of different styles of seating from benches, loungers, bar stools, kids chairs, etc. Keep in mind not to include too many that will clutter traffic areas.


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Create Focal Points

Use different points of interest. These could include fish ponds, fountains, blooming gardens, fireplaces, etc. Focal points will take one's eye and create a sense of calming.


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Boost Visual Appeal

Use small accents to create your space. This can be small accent pillows, vases, urns, planters, etc. Try looking at flea markets and yard sales for inexpensive accent pieces that may require a fresh coat of paint.


Double Duty Furniture

Space in some outdoor spaces is very limited. Take advantage of this by creating double duty furniture. For example use potted plants and add an extended glass table top to it which acts as a coffee table and a visual planter all in one. Also you can use your benches as storage for throw pillows and cushions.

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Zone Your Space

Create different zones in your outdoor space using different furniture arrangement to create a dining area, bench seating and loungers with a large area rug to create a comfortable living room area, counter tops and appliances to create an outdoor kitchen and cooking/prep area.


Create Privacy

Privacy is harder to come by when living in suburban area's. Privacy can be created in outdoor living spaces by creating an overhead pergola, installing curtains that can be closed, even adding trees and shrubs to naturally create privacy.

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Creating Flow From Indoors To Outdoors

Your entrance to the outdoors may be off the living room, kitchen or even your master bedroom the most important thing to remember is a continuous flow from indoors to outdoors. This can be achieved by utilizing similar color scheme/families, using soft fabrics around door opening, installing glass doors which allows a continuous unobstructed flow.


Potential home buyers need visual aids when looking at purchasing a home, having an inviting indoor space that flows fluidly into the outdoor space will have you a cut above the competition.


Comment below with some tips that you have about designing your outdoor living spaces!


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