Profiling PEI Beaches: Waterfront Property Basics

Prince Edward Island beaches are among some of the world's best and have recently been featured in National Geographic,, and Travel and Leisure magazine (to name only a few). If you wish to enjoy the iconic scenery of PEI's beaches from your very own window here are a few questions you wish to ask: 


1- Do you want North shore or South Shore beach?



North shore offers beautiful sounds of the ocean crashing waves while the South shore offers low tides with many small pools of water creating a gentle serene atmosphere.


2- Do you want white sand, red sand, or maybe even singing sand (Yes - it really sings!)? Each area offers unique waterfront.


3- How high a bank is suitable for you and family?


 A cliff offers a scenic view of the ocean


 A low bank allows one to easily access the beach


4- Do you want to be in a subdivision or a larger parcel with privacy?


Private lots offer quiet, contemplative space, while subdivisions offer community


5- Do you require year around access or just seasonal use in the summer?


Some of us require property access for "summer homes", while others will live on PEI year-round. Make sure that you inquire into what access is available for your waterfront property. 


6- And of course price will help you decide.


Waterfront prices can vary between $38,000 to millions - it could be more affordable than you think!


Here is a short video of the beach at Cable Head - enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves and the white sand. If you have questions or would like to view Prince Edward Island waterfront I would be more than happy to help anytime. 




Kay Trainor

Sales Representative



Century 21 Colonial Realty - Charlottetown, PE - PEI Real Estate Experts

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