Winterizing Your Home


Clean Your Gutters

After the fall your gutters will fill up with leaves and twigs. Take a ladder, gloves and small bucket and remove any debris from the gutters. This will allow the water to runs out reduce freezing.

Seal Windows

Test your windows to see if there are any drafts coming in. Take a lit candle and if you see the flame flicker then there is a draft. Seal all drafts with caulking or weather stripping. Another idea is to purchase a window insulation kit which is puts a plastic layer over your windows preventing drafts.

Install Storm Windows/Doors

If you have storm windows and doors install them now to ensure your home is energy efficient as possible.

Clean out the Garage

Many of us use the garage as additional storage space, this winter clean and organize your garage so you can park your cars inside to keep them toasty warm.

Prep the Fireplace

Have the fireplace inspected to ensure it is safe to use. Clean the flu and if needed replace any fire bricks and other critical parts. If you are not planning on using the fireplace, have it sealed off to prevents any drafts coming in. If you do not have a fireplace consider buying an electric one for heating up small areas quickly.

Drain the Hose/AC

It is very important to drain your exterior hose and AC unit to prevent freezing and cracking. To do this shut the interior value off and then run the hose to ensure the water is fully drained. AC systems ensure there is no water pooled anywhere and drain the system.

Put Away the Patio Furniture

If you have a garage/storage unit store your packed patio furniture in there to prevent dirt and damage over the winter months. If you do not have access to a storage unit use a tarp and tie all packed furniture together and cover with a secured tarp.

Prep Furnace

It is advised to have your furnace serviced at the beginning of each winter, this will change all the filters and ensure the furnace is working properly and efficiently.

Program Thermostat

If you do not have a programmable thermostat please consider investing in one. This allows you to set the temperatures in your home for different times of the day which will allow you to be more energy efficient.

Run Fans In Reverse

In the summer we run fans as a method of cooling, in the winter you can reverse the fan spin which will spread out the warm heat throughout the home.

Boost Insulation

Think about increasing your insulation whether its in the attic, around entry ways, ceiling joists in basements and insulating your pipes to prevent freezing.

Wear Socks and a Sweater

I am definitely guilty of not doing this, if you are cold, before cranking up the thermostat look at your clothing options are you in a teeshirt and shorts? Try putting on a sweater and socks. Adding a layer can save you home heating dollars.


Let me know some other great idea's for winterizing your home in the comments below.


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