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Welcome to my Website

As a CENTURY 21® Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My personal knowledge of the local Real Estate market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand - the most recognized name in Real Estate today.

Let me assist you in finding your dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for you, and in the price range you want.

If you are interested in selling a property, I also have the expertise to help you get the fastest sale possible and at the best price. Selling a property is all about getting as much attention focused on your property through a strategic marketing plan and therefore getting Optimum Market Value in a reasonable amount of time. 

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you to ensure you receive the value you deserve!

Professional Background

My career in Sales and Business Management spans over 25 years. Holding positions varying from Sales Representative To V.P. Of Sales and Marketing. My Training, both Formal and Hands-on include Negotiations, Contract Management, Marketing, Business Development and Management, Accounting and much more. I have spent the 9 years prior to Real Estate owning and operating my own mid-sized company with sales over 6 million dollars annually and managing a team of 25 people.

My Training in House Construction and Design includes practical experience in the Holt's Family Construction Business and 3 years at Humber College in The Architectural Design and Technology Program. I also have extensive knowledge in Rural Housing involving Septics, Wells, Sump Pumps and other related issues.

My term in the Military as a Fire Fighter, my training in St Johns Ambulance and my involvement in many sports teams has given me a solid background in working within an organized and professional team environment.

All of My "Life Experiences" have lent themselves very well to building my career as a Real Estate Sales Professional and in working with a top-notch Real Estate Brokerage like Centruy 21 Infinity Realty inc.

My Mission;  To utilize My many years of practical, formal and diversified training to consult and assist my friends, family and network of Clients and Colleagues in their endeavor to enjoy and maintain a good quality of life.

Community Involvement

I have volunteered throughout my life since a teen. I have always believed as does my father that you give back to the community. I have volunteered for many non-profit organizations and also within companies I have worked for, if I saw that the time would enhance the safety and quality of he organization.

  • Boy Scout Leader
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Volunteer Fire Dept
  • Quality and Safety Coach
  • Hazardous Goods Coach
  • Hockey Team Manager
  • Feed-A-Family

One of the reasons I was drawn to Century 21 Infinity Realty Inc. was their interest and history in taking on projects that helped the community. Their most recent was their help with a Habitat Canada project. 

Personal Interests

 As you may have gathered my Father has been a big influence in my life. He is an entrepreneur, inventor and philisopher. I followed him around from the age of 12 watching how he conducted his business and friendships and found that he doesn't have a definitive line between one and the other. For you to be succesful in business and in life they need to overlap.

I also learned from my time in Apsley and with my Dad that any hobby requires your attention and dedication. Whether it's fishing or ATVing thru some remote countryside or playing hockey. Whatever it is you are doing put the effort into it, if you are taking time to relax and enjoy life then put the same effort into it as you do in your job. The rewards are there if you do.

When I feel I am not properly grounded all I have to do is take a day or two and visit with my father.



Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going?

My career path has had me living and working in different provinces, states, cities and towns. I spent my formative years living in Apsley Ontario. A rural area that had a population of 500 or so in the Winter Months and grew to over 16,000 in the summer months when the cottagers and tourist arrived.

The small town area taught you loyalty, friendship, hardwork and reliability.  Directly after I High School I went into the Military and moved around some of our Military Bases in Canada. This was a learning experience teaching one how to enter a new area and become accepted within the encumbants. The Military definitely instills work ethics and teamwork.

My time in College and then into the business world honed my peoples skills. I have always been an honest and approachable person but business teaches you the importance of being who you are and doing what you say. Just being a nice guy wouldn't be enough. You need to know your business and what your skill set is.

The places I have lived and the people I have met have had a tremendous influence in developing me to the person I am today. I look forward to the people I have yet to meet.



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Determining a Homes Value.

A very accurate saying is that "Any home will sell once you get the price right." Of course, this is usually said from the perspective of dropping a price until it's too attractive to pass up. Actually, the accurate pricing of your home prior to listing is as much an art as it is a science.

The Science:

Computers have helped a lot in the data and science aspects of pricing homes for sale. The real estate professional looks at many data sets in the process, including:

·         Records of recent sales in the neighbourhood or area.

·         Currently listed comparable homes.

·         Historical trends in price appreciation.

·         Feature comparisons for mechanical value adjustments for differences.


Most of these items are a gathering of numbers, thus our placement of them under the Science aspect of pricing or valuation. A real estate professional has systems in place, some through the Multiple Listing Service, to gather appropriate information and data for the valuation process.

The selection of appropriate comparable properties for our valuation is mostly science. We try to stay close in distance to the home to be listed. The same subdivision or neighbourhood is best. The saying that real estate is all about "location, location, location" is why we want to stay as close as possible to the home to be listed when gathering our comparables. This is also good practice for another reason, as the buyer's lender will hire an appraiser who will be doing the same thing.

Hopefully, we have a sufficient number of comparables without having to stray too far out of our area of choice. What are good comparables? The closer we can stay to the characteristics of the home to be listed the better. We consider things like:

1.      Construction styling and architecture.

2.      Home age.

3.      Number of bedrooms, baths, garage spaces.

4.      Size in square footage should not be too different.

Taking the items above into consideration, and staying inside of our desired area, we hope to find from three to ten comparable properties. If there are more, that's great, as we can narrow our selection by the criteria even more. Taking the final list, we are now ready to do our adjustments for feature differences.

Unless we were lucky enough to find several identical properties, we now must adjust values for the feature differences. In this process, we adjust the selling prices of our sold comparable properties by the estimated value of features that are different from our home to list.

Example: Our home to list has three bedrooms. One of our comparables is very similar, but has four bedrooms. We would subtract our estimate of the value of a bedroom from the sold price of the comparable to make it a more accurate comparison to the home we're listing. We do this for all the major feature differences between each comparable and our subject property.

If there are lot size differences, we do the same type of adjustment math for the difference in acreage. The purpose of this portion of our valuation procedure is to get all the homes on the list adjusted to sold prices that reflect homes with the same bedrooms, baths, garages, and other major features.

Another phase of the process that bridges the gap between Science and Art is our analysis of the market of currently listed comparable homes. The science is in the gathering of the listing data, and the adjustment of the numbers to get our comparables as closely aligned as possible. Now, let's move to some more subjective valuation factors.

The Art:

We've gathered a lot of data, and we've crunched a lot of numbers. Our sold comparables prices have been adjusted to make them more similar to our subject home. We've also done the same type of adjusting for the homes currently listed that would be considered competition.

Why do we do the current listings? Sold comparables reflect past history. Even though we've taken the most recent sales, they're still events in the past. There was an existing competitive market at the time of those sales that may not be similar to the current market's properties.

The motivations of the buyers of those previously sold homes may not have been the same in the current competitive market. An experienced sales person will look at the current market competition, and make adjustments to the valuations suggested by the Science portion of our procedure. If there is less comparable inventory now than when previous properties sold, then we may want to take our valuation up a bit. If there is more inventory, we might want to go the other way.

That's not the only Art to the process. An extensive knowledge and experience of real estate sales representative in a market will contribute to their ability to tweak the listing price for the best results. Knowing the Seller's motivations and time frame are a contributing variable. Knowledge of area seasonal buying trends, as well as development patterns are also part of the Art facet in our valuation process.

Rarely is anything of value also easy. This is an example. Taking the Science and the Art of real estate valuation into account, the real estate professional advises the listing client in order to arrive at the best listing price to sell the property in their desired time frame and for the best possible net price.

Though many believe the Internet has made this process easier, that's really not the case. It has released a great deal of information and pricing data to public scrutiny. However, just because data is published, it does not mean that it is accurate. There is also the diversity of sources for valuation data. Where you get it can change the results.

More than ever before, extensive knowledge and experience in a market is of great value. There is more data from more sources out there. The trick is to gather the best data, crunch the numbers with Science, and interpret them with the Art that comes from experience.

(excerpts from Moneymaker)

Using A Flat Fee or Discount Real Estate Representative.

I had an experience the other day I thought I should share with anyone who might be considering listing their house for sale with a professional Real Estate Agent.

I was busy doing an Open House recently and was out picking up my signs after a very successful afternoon. I stopped at one of the many locations where I had set up my signage and a competitor was there picking up his signs as well. We made our pleasantries to each other and he struck up a conversation with me. "You are making us look bad to our clients" he states. "How so?" I queried. "Your holding an Open House every weekend and sometimes two. We are holding one every other weekend." I just nodded my head and made a mental notch on my belt. "We haven't had a lot of success with our Open Houses so we don't overdo them. As a matter of fact we only had 3 groups through today, how was your showing?" "Well, realistically I had 14 groups through, close to 40 people in total. That seems to be about average for my Open Houses on this property." "Wow" he says "What do you attribute your success to?" "Well, I post my listings on MLS, The Local Board, some Social Medias, I drop off 10 or 12 Open House signs in the area and advertise in the Local paper." "Oh my that is a lot of advertising. We could never afford that kind of marketing " My head almost spun off my neck. "Pardon?" I asked. His reply, believe it or not was "At the commission rate we charge we cannot afford to do all that." I was floored. "But if it's a good home, it will sell itself." was his parting words. I got into my car feeling badly for this gentleman's clients.

Click here for examples of Dicounted Real Estate Brokerages and you can judge for yourself:

MinCom New Vision

Property Guys

FlatFee Realty

Boys and Girls, the Moral of this story is "You get what you pay for." What is the best way to get full market value for your property? By having as many serious buyers through in a reasonable amount of time. So if you hire a flat fee or discount rate Real Estate Agent are you really doing everything you can to realize optimum market value for your Home? If the money isn't in their budget to properly market your home then how are they getting the home runs? You may save on your commission but that is a small percentage compared to the final sale price of your home. Don't be afraid to ask your Agent what they do to market your home and proof that they actually are doing what they say. Remember, We Work For You!!!!.


Ontario Real Estate Association                                                                   

Completed: Real Estate as a Professional Career; Land, Structures and Real Estate Transactions; The Real Estate Transaction - General and The Residential Real Estate Transaction; Commercial Real Estate Transaction (Articling);

Currently Enrolled: Principals of Appraisel; Real Property Law.

Human Resources Professional Association - CHRP                                   

Completed: Human Resources Management; Organizational Behaviour; Financing and Accounting; Human Resources Planning.

Humber College of Applied Arts                                                                  

Completed: Architectural Design Technology; Ontario Building Codes; Drafting and Detailing; Structures; Architectural CADD; Math - Architecture; Environmental Systems; History of Architecture; Materials and Methods Of Construction;  Building Science; Estimating; Architectural Site Planning; Humanities - Arts and Science; and Many Others.




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