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MAY; the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar, named after the Greek Goddess Maia, one of the Pleiades, companion to Artemis, messenger of the Gods, the Earth Goddess of Spring time. The month of MAY gives us the opportunity to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (which commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French) We remember our mom’s on the official Canadian Mother’s day, celebrate Our Queen Mother on Victoria Day and celebrate the coming of summer!!

MAY 2017 the month that White Rock’s ‘local son’, Gordon Hogg, locks up his MLA office for the last time. Gordon has cleaned out his Victoria and his local office. Gone from the walls are many awards, his treasured memorabilia, souvenirs and pictures of special friends and acquaintances like the Dalai Lama, Prince Phillip and Lady Diana, gifts from his dear friend the late Chief Bernard Charles, pictures drawn by elementary children both locally and through out BC. (Don’t ask his wife exactly where all these treasures have gone - she is currently not allowed in the rec room!) As someone who has had the pleasure of campaigning for Gordon when he first ran and became: a White Rock Alderman (1977), later as White Rock Mayor & Member of the BC Legislature. As someone who had the experience of working with Gordon (and BC’S top constituency assistant Verna Logan) as a part time constituency assistant, I have witnessed the many sides of Gordon Hogg. His hard work, dedication to our community, his compassion for those less fortunate, his ability to assess problems and his ability to problem solve. Our community has been so very fortunate to have had Gordon Hogg stand as our representative. The results of his service, (often behind the scenes) will be enjoyed by many for years to come. Gordon may take a short break from public life (well deserved), but he is a man of service so don’t be surprised if you see him wearing one of his now famous ‘ deco-suits’ at the next community event you attend. As a long time friend and a proud member of our White Rock South Surrey Community, may I say ‘for all you have done Gordon Hogg - Thank you!’

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