8 Tips for Safe & Happy Road Tripping Barrie


How are you planning to spend the remainder of summer Barrie?  Perhaps one last road trip with the family?  If you are, here are some great tips on keeping everyone safe & happy on the road.


1.  Safety First

Before you head out on the highway it's always a good idea to ensure your vehicle is in top condition.  Be sure to check the tires, lights, brakes, oil.  Be sure you have a spare tire and equipment, as well as jumper cables.  Top up your fluids when refuelling, and don't forget the owner's manual.


2.  Be Prepared

Plan your route.  Have a recent map or update your GPS settings.  Check on the road conditions and weather so that you are prepared.

Do you have CAA?  If so, ensure your membership is up to date. 

If going to the US, be sure to have your passports.


3.  Get Organized

Pre-pack your vehicle so that everyone can access what they need easily.  For instance, make sure the kids have snacks, drinks, games, activities and a garbage bag at arm's length.  This will reduce the number of times they will ask you for things.  Also make sure each child has their own set of items so that their won't be fighting (hopefully).

Adults should have on hand, a first aid kit, wet wipes or hand sanitizer, Kleenex, medications such as acetaminophen, gravol, allergy meds etc.  and a garbage bag.

Be sure to pack your truck properly as well, leaving handy extra items you may require along the way such as jackets, sweaters, sunglasses, sunscreen, phone chargers etc.


4.  Go Light on the Refreshments

It's great to pack a cooler of snacks and drinks, but best to go easy or you'll be constantly searching for restrooms.


5.  Get Comfortable

Since you'll be sitting for long periods of time, be sure that everyone is comfortable.  Wear loose and comfortable clothing,  and comfy shoes.  Be sure your head rests are set correctly.

The kids might like a blanket and small pillow for napping on the go, plus make sure your air conditioning/heating system is working well. 


6.  Make your stops fun!

Get out and stretch your legs at scenic lookouts, or by funny signs and monuments.  Don't forget to take a lot of photos for the photo album.


7.  Music/books on tape

Bring a variety of music and/or books on tape so that you won't get bored or annoyed with the sounds.  This will help to break up the trip.

Perhaps create your own road trip CD with your favourite songs?

Books on tape can break up the monotony and can be a welcome change.


8.  Make up Games

When the time comes, (and it will) that the kids tire of their activities....make up some road trip games.  Such as "I Spy," or count how many trucks you see,  Things that rhyme with...


I hope your journey is pleasant and safe.


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