Stunning Pallet Furniture You Can Build Yourself Barrie

While driving around Barrie you may encounter discarded wooden pallets being given away for free.  Did you know that these pallets can be transformed into stunning furniture pieces.  The only cost to you is your time.  Check out the amazing handy works of art.


Pallet Shelves


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Pallet Coffee Table

Morningside Living RoomCardiff Modern
Jackson Ave Downtown Loft
Pallet Outdoor Furniture
Warwick Private ResidenceOur Tiny Tack House
Pallet Décor
Nautical Anchor Wood Wall Decor, 17Isabella Wood Wine Rack
Cassie Wood Crates, Set of 3
So the next time you pass by some discarded pallets, you might consider......picking them up. 
Photos and ideas by Houzz

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