Youth Groups in Barrie for Teens and Tweens


Do you have a teen or tween who is bored and needing something to do after school and on weekends?  Or perhaps you'd like them to take a break from their phones and video games?  Either way, this is a great opportunity for your child to meet new people and get a change of scenery, while in a supervised and safe environment.

Barrie has many youth groups for your child to take advantage of.  Find one near you.

Here is a list:

Holly Youth Centre

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday: 3:30pm–8:00pm


YMCA Youth Fitness

Programs tailored just for teens.


YMCA Youth Leadership Programs


Inter-School Christian Fellowship


Scouts Canada


LGBT Youth Connection

Every Thursday from 4-6pm


Borden Army Cadets

Thu 6:45 pm-9:30 pm


Barrie Church of Christ Youth Group


If you know of any other youth groups you'd recommend, please let us know!




Other Links:

Barrie Youth Ambassadors

City of Barrie Youth Services

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