Valentine’s Day ideas: what will you do for your sweetheart?


Consider this a courtesy heads-up for everyone out there who's in a relationship, but perhaps not romantically minded. 

Thursday is Valentine’s Day and should be acknowledged with a gift to the person you love. Luckily, there are a number of ways to do that and there are ways to rebel against the whole idea as well. 

Forget those boring Hallmark cards, this Valentine’s Day, maybe you'll be one of those lucky guys or gals to receive something a little sexier slipped into the envelope. 

“Usually the standard is chocolate, maybe jewelry or flowers…that is usually for the guy to give to the girl, but there’s really been nothing for the girl to give to the guy, but this is something special and personal that us women can give to our significant others,” says boudoir photographer Laura-Lee Gerwing. 

Gerwing’s schedule has been packed with boudoir photo sessions over the past few weeks, and over the years, it's become a more popular gift option as the price of professional photography comes down. 

But there is a lot about Valentine’s Day that hasn't changed. 

Roses are still the flower of choice, regardless of the colour. 

Thousands of blooms are on their way to retailers, ready for the big day on Thursday, where they will be snatched up at a premium. 

Valentine’s Day has become one of the major shopping holidays in the calendar, after Christmas, Easter and Halloween. 

Men traditionally spend about 50 per cent more than women, and often it's last-minute. 

The Schokolade Cafe on East Hastings was quiet on Wednesday, but they're expecting lineups out the door come Valentine's Day. 

At the Sutton Place, there is a lot of chocolate for romantic couples celebrating a traditional Valentine's Day, and then there are sweet treats for those who can't stand the hearts and roses. 

The anti-Valentine's Day package also comes complete with porter service for your excess baggage, unlimited movies, and a voodoo doll. 

“If you have had a bad experience, we want to make sure that every need is taken care of, so you can exact your revenge right in your room,” says Kyle Matheson with the hotel. 

After all, February 14 has dark and bloody origins, so a little voodoo action is rather appropriate.