The Organic Food Phenomenon Likely to Impact Housing Prices

It’s no secret that Starbucks has had an inexplicable effect on home prices across the United States. In fact not just metropolitan cities or urban neighborhoods but even places like Baltimore, Maryland have seen the trend reach their doorsteps. Basically, if you’re close to a Starbucks; your house prices will go up significantly more than say someone who lives 4 blocks down from you. As odd as it sounds, research now backs this finding.



But something amazing is on its way, and this time its not coffee but organic food supply. A recent Zillow report indicates that organic food stores are projected to effect home prices pretty much in the same manner as the Starbucks phenomenon. So what grocery stores are these, well, the United States is spoiled for choice and data and so these include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and other such stores. Because the phenomenon is still catching on in Canada, the rate of growth may not be the same as the United States where median home prices went up significantly between the 90s and now.

We know what you’re thinking, so where’s the closest Whole Foods? Why just Whole Foods? Because it's the largest organic grocery store in the GTA!


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