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Century 21 Green Response to CTV News

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Sandeep Randhawa of Century 21 Green. I understand many of you are currently feeling upset with our company and the way Mr. Filippelli has been treated. Your feelings are understood and Century 21 Green formally wishes to apologize to you. Our goal in this situation was not to upset any party and the reason we agreed to communicate with the media was because we hoped the media would provide an opportunity for our company to tell its side of the story.

As the interviewee my conversation with Mr. Foran was approximately 20 minutes long. The general public however was only offered 15-30 seconds of my conversation. All the while Mr. Filippelli was portrayed as the family man with his wife, child and family pet. To be very frank this is deceptive on the part of the media.

Mr. Filippelli and his spouse were a party to 2 separate contracts. They both signed and acknowledged their understanding and receipt of each of these separately titled documents and furthermore were explained about their relationship with the agent and brokerage in what is known as a "working with a realtor" brochure. Their signatures and initials were duly executed on both these agreements and the brochure.

Mr. Filippelli and his spouse, along with the agent visited prospective properties to purchase. Furthermore, the agent did list Mr. Filippelli's property on the Multiple Listing Service. Subsequently, Mr. Filippelli contacted the agent and advised him he no longer wanted to sell his house. The agent agreed and provided Mr. Filippelli a "cancellation to the LISTING AGREEMENT" form. When the agent asked Mr. Filippelli about purchasing a home, Mr. Filippelli advised that he would contact him soon for this matter. At no point was Mr. Filippelli vocal about not purchasing a home, nor mentioned he was unsatisfied with the services the agent was providing.

A week later Mr. Filippelli sold his home with another agent (our agent has no claim to this as the agreement was cancelled) but during the currency of the agreement and only a couple of short weeks later Mr. Filippelli and his spouse purchased a home with another agent. The reason our agent had not contacted him as soon as this happened is because there is no clear way to figure out if somebody purchases a home an available service.

Contractually speaking yes, our agent has an entitlement to the commission on this property. It is important to understand that Century 21 Green and myself are actively encouraging the protection of rights for our agents and for the general public. We strive for our agents to thoroughly explain agreements and the relationships they have with prospective clients and encourage this from all realtors in Ontario. However, it is important to understand that with almost 44,000 realtors in the GTA, it is important to protect the rights and interests of the agents as well. Buyer Agency Agreements must be put into writing before offers are presented on properties and because there is an issue of parties "slipping" these contracts in with an offer to purchase our agent took the due time and courtesy to have these agreements separately executed. Mr. Filippelli is a well versed and educated party who entered into a contract.

I strongly urge the public to read any agreements they are entering into, specifically those involved for the purchase of a residential property.

Furthermore, please take this time to understand that the media has put a twist on this story and has not allowed us to adequately explain our side position. We agreed to an interview on the premise that Mr. Filippelli and Century 21 Green would both be allowed to explain their story. However in the segment on CTV, Mr. Filippelli was given a gratuitous amount of air time in comparison to us. We feel we strongly represent an honest and dedicated company and further the Century 21 name is one you can count on. We completely understand the importance of the media, but we encourage the public not only to be well informed about the contracts they sign, but to the role the media can play in guiding a story in any number of directions.

We thank you very much for your time and your responses, we will take everything that we hear into consideration and sincerely hope you continue to show your support for Century 21 as an entity and further for Century 21 Green.

Training Overview


One on One Session:

  • One on One Personal Meeting - Broker of record/Manager
  • One Hour Overview Classroom Training
  • 30 Minutes Question/Answer Period

Session One:

  • Do's & Don't of Business
  • Developing your database & Sphere of Influence
  • Networking

Session Two:

  • Developing your Farm Area
  • Prospecting -- Developing your database
  • Door Knocking in Class & In Field
  • Open Houses
  • Session Three:
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • CMA -- Listing
  • CMA -- Offer Presentation

Session Three:

  • Listing Documentation Review
  • Listing Presentations
  • Session Five:
  • Buyers Presentation
  • Different Properties Review and Showing
  • Buyer Pre Qualification Knowledge

Session Four:

  • Offer Presentation
  • Deal Processing

Session Five:

  • Business Plan
  • Time Management

Session Six:

  • Offer Presentation (Role Play)
  • Advertisement Review (RECO Guidelines)
  • Fintrac Forms Review
  • Filing Guidelines and Check List Review

Session Seven:

  • Review Your Progress
  • Create 21 Online
  • Scripts
  • Office Policies
  • Air Miles Program for Buyers/Sellers

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