Crystal Heights Real Estate Listings and Information

Crystal Heights

Crystal Heights is a quiet subdivision located on the far north east end of Grande Prairie. It is situated just north of 104 avenue, south of 116 avenue and east of 92 street. Crystal Heights is comprised almost entirely of newer (construction starting around1990 and ending 2010) single family detached houses with a few semi-detached homes. The shape of Crystal Heights is unique to Grande Prairie. From the air you can see a large circular road which surround’s IV Macklin and Holy Cross elementary schools. From this central circular road, there are several spoke like roads, leading off to private cul-de-sacs and smaller circles’. Although there isn’t any shopping directly attached to Crystal Heights, the city is such that you are at most 15 minute drive away from any amenity you may be in need of. Crystal Heights is a fully developed subdivision in which the area shows great pride of ownership, the yards and homes are very well cared for and updated. With most of Grande Prairie being flat, Crystal Heights is nicely located on hill sloping from north to south, giving many owners a pleasant vista beyond their neighbours. There are many green areas and parks in throughout the Heights, with a larger concentration toward the North end. Crystal Heights is also the home of 2 places of worship:Christian Fellowship Assembly and Coram Deo Baptist Church.