Choosing a Realtor®

Choosing a Realtor®

Let’s face it; Grande Prairie has A LOT of Realtors®. We have people of all ages, races, backgrounds, and experiences now helping people with their home transactions. I am a colleague and friend to many of these other agents and I know they are great at what they do. So when it comes time that you’re looking for a Realtor® how do you possibly choose? I’m not going to tell you that. Instead I am going to tell you who I am and what I do for my clients. 

Just over 25 years ago my husband and I started his building company, Harder Builders. We worked together on this company for years and years. My husband, a licensed carpenter, handled the logistics of home building and construction while I handled design, painting, and cleaning. Through all the years of this I have seen hundreds and hundreds of homes. What I noticed over time is that I see homes differently. I’m able to see the layout, the finishes, the construction, the quality, and visualize what it could be simply from being around the industry for so long.

Now not all homes check the boxes on these lists but that doesn’t mean it’s a “bad” home or it won’t function properly, it may just need some work. We’ve lived in a few of these as well. Going through home renovations was a great experience for me. I know exactly what my clients are taking on when they sign up for some of these fixer upper homes. I have the knowledge, resources, and experience to talk through these different things and advise my clients not only on what’s best for resale but also on what to expect. With renovations that is oftentimes the biggest hurdle, the unexpected.

If you’re someone who not only likes the expected but wants a perfectly curated home built to your exact specifications, I’ve been there. Over the years we have built a few custom homes for ourselves. The custom home process is a whole different kind of stress because with each decision comes the weight of “will I still like this in a year?” and “if this is my forever home how will I want it”. I have literally been all sides of this equation. I have been the customer getting a custom home built, I have been on the builder side as we design a home for clients, and I have been the Realtor® helping my clients build their dream home. Every side of the equation is important and my expertise allow me to navigate this equation with ease and confidence. 

What I do for my clients is combine all facets of my background and knowledge to give them the best experience I can, based on my experience. I’ve walked the road they’ve walked and I’ve felt the feelings they’re feeling. Regardless of if it’s a purchase or a sale, a new build or a renovation project, I’ve been there and I’ll be there to walk them through it all. 

To experience the Helen Harder experience, contact me today @ 780-402-9201


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