Christmas Decorating!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year; sitting by a cozy fireplace while the Christmas tree sparkles in the dark night. The trees nicely covered with snow and Christmas music playing everywhere you go. I love the little things but what really gets me in the holiday mood is decorating my house for the holidays. Here are some easy ways to add the Christmas flare to your home this season.

#1. Stockings

Nothing says Christmas quite like nicely hung stockings. There are so many different stockings and ways to hang them, all can showcase your individual family style.




#2. Christmas words

Such a simple thing but using Christmas words, thoughtfully placed around the home, can give that special touch that may otherwise have been lacking.



#3. Christmas Ornaments

People often think ornaments can only be used on a tree but there are so many other creative uses that can bring the color and festivities throughout the entire house.



To me this one is pretty obvious and the most important but I just had to add it to the list to show everyone some gorgeous trees (even for small spaces), who knows maybe it’ll inspire you.


Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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