Easter Egg Extravaganza!

Two common Easter traditions are: #1. Decorating Easter eggs and #2. The Easter egg hunt! Here are some ideas to help make your Easter egg activities better than ever!




Although dying eggs all one color is fun, using a variety of colors and techniques can make your eggs really standout.



Technique 1: The Ombre Egg.


To create the ombre easter egg is actually quite simple.

  1. Grab 4 different cups and pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and ¾ cups of hot water into each cup. Then add food coloring to each cup (add a little more to each one as you go) Ex. Cup 1= 10 drops food coloring, Cup 2=1/8 tsp food coloring, Cup 3=1/4 tsp, and Cup 4=1/2 tsp.
  2. Place your egg completely in the first cup, place it ¾ in the 2nd cup, ½ in the 3rd cup and ¼ in the last cup.
  3. Let it dry!

*The longer you hold it in each color, the darker the colors will be!


Technique 2: Rubber Band Egg

If you thought the ombre egg was easy just wait until you try this one.

  1. Mix your dye with vinegar and water, similar to Step 1 of ombre egg
  2. Take rubber bands and wrap them around your eggs, immerse them in the dye. Take off rubber bands and let them dry completely

*Your eggs can be done after this step OR

  1. Wrap rubber bands around your eggs in different patterns from before and immerse in a new color.
  2. Be amazed at how simple it was to make such cool looking eggs!


Technique 3: Sharpie Egg

If the idea of food dye and a big mess in your kitchen isn’t appealing maybe Sharpie eggs are for you.

  1. Simply buy/find Sharpie’s of a variety colors and doodle away. You can make designs, write your name, draw pictures, etc.
  2. You can also dye your egg one color then use your Sharpie on it after

*Can be as simple or detailed as you like!





Hunt 1: Glow-in-the-dark

     -Buy small glow sticks and plastic eggs. Place the glow sticks in the eggs then hide them around the house. Turn off the lights and let the fun begin!

*Make sure children are appropriate age so they will not eat the glow sticks.



Hunt 2: Puzzle Pieces

     -Buy plastic eggs and put a puzzle piece in each one. In order to get the     chocolate/their baskets they must find every piece of the puzzle in order to get the clue of where the “treasure” is hidden. Alternatively you can also place a written word in each egg that when combined give the final clue. This is a great way to get everyone to work together because they need everyone’s clues to accomplish the task.



Hunt 3: Scavenger Hunt

     -The Scavenger hunt is a classic when it comes to hunting for eggs. Begin by giving each person an egg with a clue in it. This clue will lead them to egg #2 which will have a clue leading them to egg #3 and so on. This is great when you have hunters of a variety of ages. The older age group can have riddles that are harder to crack where as young hunters can have more obvious clues.


Happy Easter and I hope you can use these ideas to make for some great Easter memories! 

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