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Interior decorating can be tons of fun but why limit the fun to the inside only­ It is amazing what some people can do with their yards and it makes me wonder why I can’t do that. The outside of my home is the first impression people get of me, is my front yard a pile of weeds or does it have freshly cut grass and beautiful smelling flowers enticing all who are near­ All too often I have postponed landscaping the front yard and focussed on the interior but in recent years my mind has been shifting. With all the DIY garden and landscaping tips I think we can all have a yard we’ve only ever dreamed of. Here are some tips and tricks I found to help us all get there.


#1. Make a plan

Identify what kind of people you are and what kind of space you want to create. If you love gardening consider flower beds in the front yard. If you’re a family that loves to entertain consider a great backyard space with a fire pit. It’s all about making your yard functional and enjoyable for the kind of life you live.

#2. Set a Budget

Landscaping can be a very pricey project and when a person gets too caught up in what they want and forget about price there will be huge sticker shock after! Don’t be afraid to call around, thorough research can often get you exactly what you want at a price you can afford. Set your budget and stick to it!

#3. Do it Yourself

Get friends involved. Offer to help with labor in their landscaping if they help with labor on yours. Invite friends over for a work bee and BBQ, all too often people are willing to help if you simply ask.

#4. Find Deals

Don’t be afraid to buy focal point pieces at garage sales or online websites. It doesn’t have to be a brand new piece to look amazing in your yard. Keep your eye peeled for that perfect garden gnome.


#5. Have fun

Your yard is the first thing you’ll see when pulling up to your house. It’ll be the place where you retreat on those hot summer nights. The few long days you spend making it look perfect will be well worth it for the long nights you get to spend enjoying it.


For more gorgeous backyards check out my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/harder1023/backyards/

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