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I am sure many of you have seen the recent obsession with gallery walls, they are everywhere! Somehow people manage to take all their sentimental clutter and photos and turn it into a beautiful showpiece for their home. These walls are just as individual as each person and family where they are displayed. A gallery wall is a great way to show guests what you are made of; the people you value, places you've been, sayings you adore, and objects you find intriguing. It can make such a statement WHEN it is done right, and that is where things get complicated...


We all want it to look amazing and to wow people but the execution can be incredibly tricky. Should there be a theme? Do I use color? Where do I draw the line of what can be hung up? How do I make it look random but symmetrical at the same time? All of these thoughts come across our minds before we begin and often stop us from ever starting, which is what I am here to prevent. These tips and gallery walls of inspiration should help turn yours into an eye catching-show stopper-kind of space minus the overwhelmed feelings. 


Step One: Define Your Personal Style/Goal

Decide if you want this wall to showcase your family and friendships or if you want it to be a collection of numerous people, places, and things important to you? Determine if you're going for a simple tasteful piece or a wild and bold statement. 


Step Two: Collect

Find pictures that make you laugh or are good conversation starters. Dig out that fortune cookie prediction from 2011 that actually came true and the street sign you have with your last name on it. Go to a thrift store and find an array of frames that represent you. We all have boxes of things we cannot throw away because of sentimental value, bring those out now and see what you could all use. If there is a flash of maybe in your head, keep it out. 


Step Three: Filter

Not everything you have collected should go up, you don't want to simply move the clutter from the closet to the wall. Look at the items you collected and you'll see a theme and pieces that stand out more than others. There is only two rules for the items you choose: 1) Don't hang something you'll have to take down when your mom comes to visit and 2) Your imagination is the limit. 


Step Four: Go For It

Find a space on the floor and lay out all the pictures and items you want on the wall. Play with different patterns, move things around to see what way you like best. Next you can go about it two ways. You can measure the spacing of how you have it on the floor and start putting small nails in the wall to hold everything OR you can be more organized. The second option is to cut paper in the shape of your items and sticky tack those to the wall so you can see how it'll look in the space. Once you're happy with the placement lightly poke the paper with a nail to leave a mark on the wall. From here you remove the paper, pound a small nail in and begin hanging. 


Step Five: Don't Be Scared

Don't be scared of the questions people will ask about certain objects, use the opportunity for them to get to know you and your family better. Don't be scared of allowing yourself to sit down and remind yourself what is really important when life gets crazy. Don't be afraid to change, as your life changes and you evolve switch out pictures and pieces for new ones that represent your goal better. Your gallery wall is meant to be enjoyed so have fun!



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