Home Inspections: Money Savvy or Money Sucking?

If you’ve purchased or sold a home lately you probably noticed that one of the conditions of the sale was that it passes a home inspection. I think many people are weary of this, it feels like another expense on top of lawyer fees, real estate fees, closing costs, etc. Is it just a way of making people pay more money on an already giant purchase or does it actually have value? Is it needed?

I personally have experienced the value of a home inspection time and time again.  When I go house shopping with my clients we are generally looking for a list of specifications; X number of bedrooms, open concept, and a certain neighbourhood. Once that is found and the clients love it enough to make an offer they oftentimes think mission accomplished. The house was found, the financing is there but on property inspection days I always find myself anxious. Cosmetically we found the perfect house but what about structurally? The home inspection is to ensure that that home has the same structural integrity that we think it does.  

In my realm I have a few trusted inspectors who do a thorough examination of the potential house. It is often a few hours inspecting every inch of this home. They check the attic, under decks, crawl space, electrical panel, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The added cost and potential inconvenience of a home inspection gives the buyer full awareness of what they are actually getting into. Just this past week I had an inspector save my client a huge headache and lots of money through his diligent analysis. Rot and mould was discovered behind the siding, exterior walls had disintegrated and needed to be replaced and the homeowner had no idea. This was a rare case but still so important.

In my personal and professional opinion I would always recommend getting a home inspection prior to purchasing. Regardless of how the report comes back it will give you peace of mind and to me that is worth all the money!

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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