How to win with selling your home!

Did you know that spring to early fall is the busiest time in the real estate world? Majority of homes are sold during these short few months! Many families don't want to deal with moving on top of school and unpredictable weather so they wait until spring/summer. If you are looking to get your home on the market this is an ideal time, here are some lessons from gameshows that can help you make a successful spring sale.

#1.Be smart! In this show to win the prize an adult tries to correctly answer questions on a variety of school subjects. The adults oftentimes struggle with the questions so they can ask for help from 5th grade students in hopes of continuing on. By hiring a real estate agent who is experienced in that field you are getting the help you need to win. Just like the 5th graders can help the contestants in areas they excel at, a real estate agent can help you.


#2. Price it right!  In the final showcase the contestant have to guess a price for a prize without going over, if they guess over the actual price they lose everything. The same is true when listing your home. You do not want to "guess over" or price it to high and lose any potential buyer. Your house will not be the only one on the market so if you really want to attract a buyer the home must be priced appropriately. Realtors can help by looking at comparables and seeing what has sold on the market recently.


#3. Don't expect a feud! In the gameshow families compete against each other by trying to guess the most popular answer to survey questions. It would be nice if different families were competing against each other for your home but it is unlikely to occur. Rather than waiting for a bidding war it is more worth your while to accept a fair offer close to asking price and know that your home is sold.

#4. Timing matters!  In the gameshow contestants only have a minute to complete obstacles placed before them; they always have to be mindful of the clock. Similarily if you can be mindful of the time of year you may come out ahead. Sometimes sellers do not have the choice of when they put their house on the market because of work tranfers, family emergencies, etc. but this is for those of you who do. By knowing when the market picks up you have the advantage of time and can get it ready for market just in time for busy season.

#5. Wipeout Junk! Contestants in this popular show are often a mess. They have run around in mud, been sprayed with foam, and have fallen numerous times. You don't want your house to look like that to prospective buyers. A little bit of spring cleaning can go a LONG ways. Make sure your yard looks neat and isn't littered with garbage and other miscellaneous items. On the inside: clean windows, vacuum, and take items off of your counters and floors. These few chores will make the home look tidier and more appealing for showings.

#6. Let's make a deal! In this show sometimes the contestants get extravagant prizes and other times their greed takes over and they walk away with a useless item. Although it can be a nervewracking process be willing to negotiate and I am sure you can make a deal that leaves all parties walking away feeling like they just won a gameshow.

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