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It feels like just yesterday that school ended and summer holidays officially began…and now we’re almost back to school. I always find summer break the best, not only because of warm weather, but the time I get to spend with my kids. If sending your kids back to school is as dreadful for you as it has been for me then maybe these few tips will help ease the pain just a little.


 1.     Have a schedule!

I have found this to be one of the most difficult tasks come back to school time. No more sleeping in, going to bed as late as you want, kids playing all day: you need routine. It’s good to set aside a time slot for doing homework such as directly after school, or right after supper. This routine allows the kids to focus better and anticipate what is coming. Setting a bedtime (depending on the child’s age) is also beneficial.

 2.     Organize

Organization has never come naturally to me; it is something I have had to work to implement more in my life. However over the years I have been able to see the value and how it can help the household run more smoothly. A big thing is school lunches! By having several different pre-planned options for your child it allows variety without the stress on you of what to send, and the child in having to eat the same thing every day. Maybe you have a “main course” option of peanut butter & syrup sandwich, ham sandwich, leftovers, or something microwaveable. Then you have “sides” of fruit, veggies, crackers, or yogurt, Drink options of juice or milk. Your child then gets to customize what they want for lunch, switching it up daily, without you having to stress over it. Organization is also as simple as where the backpacks go everyday, where the homework can be, little things that can really save time.


3.     Breakfast!

It is so simple, but this meal gets the whole day kick started. Make sure not only the children eat but that you’re taking care of yourself also and grabbing a quick bite also.

 4.     Activities

In my opinion after school sports and activities are great for a child, they help them grow not only in that activity but also as a person. They can learn many lessons that a parent can’t always teach.  Just be cautious that you don’t have activity overload. One activity several times a week per child adds up quickly so be sure to go back to #1 and #2; have a schedule & organize!

 5.     Enjoy yourself!

Learn to just be present in the moment. Enjoy the stage your children are at, don’t wish for them to grow up because they do all to quickly. Cherish the laughs and memories while you can.


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