Spring Cleaning

Have you watched TV lately or gone on Pinterest and saw how some people keep their houses? They are so clean the house seems to sparkle and you wonder if anybody even lives there! I am not sure about you but having a “TV ready”, spotless home has always appealed to me but the logistics of making it happen have been a little trickier. With spring so quickly approaching the ever daunting task of “Spring Cleaning” is haunting the back of my mind. Is this the year that I achieve a “perfect” home? Is this the year that I clean and organize and actually keep it looking that way? While it is unlikely my home will remain looking its best, these tips seem to make the task a little less scary so I can at least be at ease until next year.

#1. Start Small!

It is so easy to get caught up in all the things that need to be done; fridge, washer, furniture, cars, stove, baseboard, doors…and on the list goes. In a short 30 seconds I have completely overwhelmed myself and convinced myself it is too great of a task and should therefore not even start. Do NOT do this. Start small and pick an area, you can even start as small as a closet. Choose a space then make a list of everything you need to do in ONLY that space and get to it.

#2. Seriously, use a list!

The feeling of being able to cross something off of a list is incredibly gratifying, don’t deny yourself that! While the list helps us feel like we are actually making progress it also helps us not forget everything that needs to be done.

#3. Take your time.

Spring cleaning is not done on a single Saturday, talk about overwhelming! Try instead to assign time to it throughout the month. A few hours once a week can really add up on progress without taking away from your life.

#4. Reward yourself!

Celebrate the little successes, like crossing something off your list, with a small “treat”. It can be a 5 minutes Pinterest break or you can set a bigger reward for completing the whole process. I think a post-spring-cleaning shopping trip is completely justified, you worked hard! Just remember to set a budget for yourself and don’t buy replacements for everything you just threw out.

For spring cleaning lists and other helpful cleaning tips checkout my Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/harder1023/spring-cleaning/

Happy Cleaning

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