The How-To's of Getting a Mortgage

There are many difficult things in life: making it through high school, college exams, moving away from home, raising kids, and a new addition to the list…getting a mortgage. As a real estate agent, time and time again I see people get denied for a mortgage and the question they always ask is why. They have worked at the same company for a long time, they make plenty of money, and their credit limit is high so how could they not get approved?! The answer might be simpler than you thought.


I recently came across this image on Pinterest and I thought it should be made into a poster for my office. These are the kind of reasons why a mortgage application gets dismissed. The bank wants to know that when they lend you money they will get it back, they don’t like to take risks. Although this list may sound a little extreme it really isn’t.. If you want to buy a new vehicle wait until after the possession date (NOT once you are approved). If you hate your job and want to quit wait until AFTER the possession date (NOT once you’re approved)! If you want to start buying big things for your home so it’ll be perfectly furnished on move in day, don’t. People often make the mistake of thinking they are approved and can continue life as they were but this just isn’t the case. The bank still keeps a tab on your records and the whole prospect of you moving could fall apart if you make sudden changes prior to the transaction being completed.

When buying a home you are I are a team. My role is to find you a great place for the best price. Your role is to manage your finances in the meantime so we can come out with a win.


Here’s to many victories together,

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

Helen Harder

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