Using a Professional (Part 2)

A couple weeks ago I shared Part 1 of my blog about the initial steps when meeting with a client and why using a professional is beneficial. We are continuing the blog today with how I help after the right house has been found.

Sometimes the buyer finds the house they want to make an offer on within the first week and other times it takes months. Once they find the house we write up the offer. When creating our offer I tell my clients nothing is off limits. We can create the offer to contain as little or much as possible and the worst that can happen is they say no. At this time I also run comparables to see what similar houses have been selling for so we are as informed as possible. From there we discuss what our starting price is. After we have both the price and inclusions that the buyer is happy with we submit the offer to the selling agent.

At this point we begin negotiations. As a licensed professional with years of negotiating experience this is part of why people pay me! It is rare that a seller will take the first offer presented so when the counter offer is sent to me I call my clients and we discuss it. This back and forth usually happens several times until both sides agree on a price and inclusions.

We are almost there! After the offer is accepted the buyer gives a deposit and we set up both a finance condition date and property inspection date. The finance condition involves us forwarding the house information, buying price, and possession date to the mortgage broker. Once it is with the mortgage broker they work their magic to get my client a good rate and clear everything from pre-approved to approved. This process usually takes a couple weeks.

While the finance condition is happening we also set up a property inspection. I have some great inspectors I work with who do a very thorough check of the property.  I recommend that the clients are present for the inspection so they can ask questions to the inspector and so the inspector can inform them of different things as they move through the property. These inspections are so important as they give peace of mind and expose potential issues.

Once the property inspection has passed and the finance conditions are removed our final pre-possession step is getting documents signed at the lawyers. I want my clients to get the best price possible so I call around and collect quotes so that it is one less thing on my clients list. From there they book an appointment with the lawyer, ideally two weeks before possession, and then we wait. With everything complete we anticipate the possession date and once it has arrived we celebrate as the buyer begins this new adventure in their home! 

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