Meet our Local Businesses - Day 24 - featuring Sheri's Hair Design and Spa!

Sheri's Hair Design & Spa

Moving along to Day 24 of our local businesses blog featuring Sheri Jessome Gilbert, owner and operator of Sheri's Hair Design and Spa located at 837 Main Street, Sydney Mines, NS (next to What Women Want).

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sheri and here is what she had to say:

Tell us why you started this venture:

I've wanted to be a hairstylist for as long as I can remember, so actually becoming one was kind of inevitable for me.  When I started my journey in this industry, one of my first goals was to have my own 'shop' someday.  A place that would be a reflection of me and the industry that I love being a part of.  In saying that, the salon is not something that happened overnight for me, that's for sure.  It's taken almost fifteen years of dedication, tenacity, and growth to get here...but I'm here! And the payoff, on a personal level, is so rewarding.  It's a pretty humbling experience that you get to do something you absolutely love to do as a career everyday.  

What do you have to offer/bring to Cape Breton?:

We offer a full range of hair services and aesthetics for men, women and children.  I have a team of girls, that consist of three licensed and trained hairstylists and one aesthetician, who are passionate in offering their knowledge on trending color techniques, styles, and cuts to clients.  Along with any spa service a client could be looking for including manicures, pedicures and facials.  Also, we carry a large selection of retail for any after service care a client may need. We also offer WALK IN service, which has turned out to be a huge hit at our location.  We constantly get positive feedback from people in the community that they are so happy they are able to just 'pop in' for a service.  It's kind of like one stop shopping!  

Any big plans coming up?:

Big plan is to celebrate my ONE year anniversary of being in business May 1st! :)

What is the most important thing you have learned about running your own business in Cape Breton?:

First: In this type of business, I would say I've learned the rule of thumb is: Take care of your clients, and they'll take care of you.  Give them consistent quality work, professionalism, and a fun atmosphere. What we do is all about having a happy and satisfied customer / client and I am very fortunate and grateful to be able to say we have a very loyal clientele that we've developed some great relationships with.  Because really, at the end of the day, it's those loyal clients that keep this little 'shop' going:).  Secondly, the reality is that being a business owner in Cape Breton, word of mouth has always been my biggest advertisement.  So, to keep this form of advertisement as positive as possible, you just have to always try your best.

What are your favorite things to do or places to visit when you are not running your business?:

Favorite thing to do when not running the business is camping.  And I do so with my family as much as I can during summer months at our campground Ainslie Village, Lake Ainslie. I look forward to every minute I get to spend there with my husband and kids.  That's where we unwind, slow down, and spend quality time together.  Only seventy-four more days until the camping season starts.  But who's counting.... LOL

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us!!


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