Meet our Local Businesses Day 18 with MacLean Surveying Ltd.

Day 18 sure came fast :) Today we got to sit with Rodney MacLean, owner and operator of MacLean Surveying Ltd!  Rodney has been in business for 2 years this March and is located at 688 Millville Hwy, Millville, NS.  He offers full service surveying in our area and has a wealth of knowledge in the industry :)

Here is what Rodney had to say to us today:

Tell us about why you started this venture:

I wanted to be able to stay here in Cape Breton, rather than going away from my family to work abroad and for stability.  I had known a bit about surveying in my mid-twenties and was aware of the opportunity that it presented here so I went to school :) Since then I have taken 4 years additional education online.  I wanted to do something that provided longevity and flexibility at the same time.

Tell us what it is that you offer/bring to Cape Breton:

We work with all sorts of divisions; people building or buying, subdivisions for estates, commercial construction, etc.  We go the extra mile for people by giving a hands on detailed approach to our work.  We like everyone to know exactly what is going on and what they are getting, and we step by step the process right to the end!  We are also very customer service driven and base our operation on referrals :)

Any big plans coming up?:

We have our first baby on the way! (Congrats!!!) As for work, we are looking to expand and add another employee in the near future.  Also, we are looking at getting some new equipment!

What is the most important thing you learned about running your own business in Cape Breton?:

That it's doable!  It's not as daunting as one might think.  You need to focus if you are going to do something and work at it.  There is lots of help around here for things like business plans etc, just ask for it! I even called some competitiors and got great advice, because that's how Cape Breton is!

What are your favorite things to do or places to visit in Cape Breton when you are not busy running the business?:

Well I am spoiled with traveling to wonderful places for work, there are so many amazing places to see and it's awesome to tour them constantly.  We love the Iona and Washabuck area.  Driving around and stopping in Iona Heights is a favorite thing for sure!

Thanks so much Rodney for taking some time out when you were working to chat with us and tell us about your business :)



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