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Financial Management for Non-Resident Homeowners

We recognise that it is sometimes challenging to manage the finances for non-resident owners. Having managed a variety of properties over the years, we are excited to extend this service to others.

I have been doing this type of a service for my family business for years with both our properties and the strata, and thought I could add value to other stratas and homeowners in the area.

I have partnered with Jeff Ross who is a highly regarded local accountant who can provide guidance as to the best corporate structure for the purchase of your unit. I have worked with him for quite a few years and have found him to be exceedingly reliable, efficient and professional.

Part of what makes my service different is that it is going to be online so that you (and anyone that you would like) can access your documents from a secure online portal. Not only would I keep all of the financials updated on this portal but I am also be able to easily include copies of all invoices paid for complete transparency.

Another thing that is going to make my service different is the price. As I am using an online portal, I am able to save time and costs and pass them on to my clients. I am offering new accounts the first 3 months for free (as I recognise that there will be some inconvenience during the transition) and then an annual discount from your current supplier, which includes both the book keeping and accounting. Jeff Ross will be completing all of the tax returns and he will work with both of us to ensure that they are accurate and timely.

Our company is insured and I am able to handle all aspects of the book keeping for your home including banking, financial reporting and accounting compliance. Of course, you still will have complete control over payment of all suppliers and I would work with you to ensure that we set up an efficient system.

My website is located at where I will have more information as well as the login for the online portal.

Our service includes:

  •  Online customizable secure portal to view financial reports and other documentation
  •  Monthly bookkeeping and reporting
  •  Disbursement of accounts payable
  •  Managing bank accounts
  •  Depositing rent cheques (if applicable)
  •  Preparation of annual tax filing or forms by Jeff Ross (Jeff the Accountant)
  •  If this is a new purchase then a consultation with Jeff Ross on the best structure for you to minimize the tax burden of owning a property. Jeff has a thorough understanding of the different options and can walk you thru the different choices to ensure that you make the best long term decision

The price for this is $110 plus GST per month.

Thanks for your consideration.

Deanne Steven, MBA

skype: Deanne.steven


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