Recreational Market Update

Kenora Recreational Real Estate Market

Prolonged winter conditions have meant for a slow recreational market start in Northwestern Ontario.  Approx. 65% of the ground is covered with snow pack and there are reports of 48" of lake ice.  I believe we turned the corner this week with the arrival of normal temperatures. (Normal high 11C, low 0C)
Cottage Trivia (source Cottage Life calendar, used with permission)
* Wild Fact - Moose have a prehensile upper lip, for easier browsing
* Who Knew? - Canada has roughly 25 per cent of the world's wetlands
* Who Knew? - Prince Rupert B.C. is Canada's wettest city
* Migrating American white pelicans arrive at breeding grounds as early as April in Manitoba
* April 23, 1851 - Canada issued its first postage stamp, with an image of a beaver
* April 25, 1996 - The maple was proclaimed the national tree of Canada
* Lynx kittens are born as early as April
* Who Knew? - In 1895, Joshua Slocum of Nova Scotia set sail on the first solo attempt to
circumnavigate the world. It took more than 3 years.
* Who Knew? - White spruce wood is colorless, odorless and tasteless
* It's Huge - Arborg, Manitoba, is home to the World's Largest Curling Rock (1.5 tonnes)
Near Northeast Bay, Black Sturgeon Lakes, April 14, 2018 

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