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Why Claresholm….


I have the absolute pleasure of selling my beautiful town every single day. 
I wanted to take a moment to tell you why I am Claresholm.

I walk over to the post office, where my kids run up the wheel chair ramp excited to beat me to the door. I see people opening doors for others while sharing a smile, story or even short “Hello, look at this weather…” Strangers or friends I’ve known for years, it doesn’t matter it’s always the same.

I see our Local Press, which is the hub of town, offering printing, design services and promotional items and more. They are always there to help me create whatever is in my head that day, even if they are sure I am crazy.

As I am walking my current tax box to one of our local experts…I walk across the street and see banks having fundraiser BBQs or free BBQs just thanking the community for the support.

I see strangers on the street, maybe they live here, maybe they don’t, walking into a sweet smelling soap and more shop, so I wave with a smile.

I stop and look at the current fashion trends in the newly moved clothing store. Or maybe I see one of our qualified lawyers greeting their customers.

I pop into one of our liquor stores owned by families that have joined our community and pick my choice of wine for the night. Always greeted with a smile.

I carry on to get more supplies at our local hardware store. I see its been family owned for generations and smile when I see husband and wife working side by side.

If it’s pizza I’m craving I flip a coin to choose from one of our great pizza places.

Then I remember I should have joined one of the many fitness classes being held around town and think maybe next new year! LOL.

I love going into a new local spot for my favorite London fog. I often see friends I’ve had since high school and share ideas with the passionate owner about what else we can start in our town.

I look across the street and wave to the other local realtor and remember I should get a new phone at the cellular store one of these days.

I head across our busy highway to the restaurant for the famous dill pickle soup where I enjoy watching the owners husband and wife serving customers joking around and selling our town.

I go to the office supply and Pharmacy store to get or order pretty much anything I need for my business. 

My daughters favorite stop is for party supplies at our local dollar store when they don’t have exactly what she has dreamt of that day we get to look at the catalog and order her hearts desire.

I enjoy seeing the owner and pharmacist at one of our pharmacies when I am thoroughly convinced me or my child may have a life threatening condition. Most of the time he is helpful in telling me it’s probably a common cold. In the rare case I am right sends me straight to our Emergency room where I’m greeted with a full staff of people willing to help me. 

I get to take my kids to a loving, safe, inviting home away from home everyday to interact with other kids while us parents are busy working and know they are just as happy and well taken care of there as at home. (Maybe with more fun stuff included and crafts lol)

I love going to the local grocery store and seeing the owners, again husband and wife, who are usually stocking yogurt or checking produce.

I look down at my car and realize I’m over due AGAIN on my oil change, but quickly feel better knowing I can call one of the dealerships in town and they will surely fit me in and probably give me a loaner vehicle allowing me to continue on with my day.

I know every time I get the pleasure of working with someone new coming to town I can send them to local banks, lawyers, accountants…anything they may need, and be confident they will receive great service.

The town office is a tool I use a ton in my business for the many questions that arise with bylaws and regulations.

The point of this post is to show you, that YES, Claresholm has been my home for most of my life. My kids and I enjoy the events at the agriplex. We ride horses, we swim in our indoor pool, we skate at our arena, we play in our parks, I curl in the women’s league, my husband and I try our hand at golf once in a while and I love eating on the patio there. I jump in where I can to volunteer my time. We enjoy the creeks in the summer and so much more. I don’t know everyone in town, but I like to try and meet as many people as I can just by reaching out, by getting out there supporting local groups and events with my business. I love that no matter where I go in town or what group I join I will be welcomed. 

Claresholm is where my husband and I have chosen to stay after growing up here. To raise our family here. To have businesses here. Because we make it our home. 
You’ve heard the expressions, “Make your house your home”…. I’d like to change it to, “Make your community your home.” 

Any community will open their home to you when you truly make the effort to be a member. Get out and meet the people who have been here for generations, meet the new members, go to a coffee shop or one of the children’s activities, go to the events. Strike up a conversation. Get involved in a positive way. Be the friendly face. It may take a few tries and it may take some work to get yourself involved but I can promise you if you want to make Claresholm your HOME you’ll never regret it.

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