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Stacey Gallagher

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Thanks for visiting me online. Please feel free to browse around for information if you are buying or selling a home.

Please remember I am able to show you any home listed on the MLS or

As a CENTURY 21® Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My personal knowledge and experience in the local market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand, the most recognizable name in Real Estate.

Please Note: Due to recent media attention surrounding safety concerns for ALL REALTORS(R) office policy now requires all new clients to meet in the office for a consultation, provide photo ID & pre-aproval letters prior to viewing any properties. Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

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Why Drumheller

With rolling hills, hoodoos and a picturesque river valley, Drumheller is a beautiful place to live, work, raise a family or retire. It is a close knit, socially conscious community that supports it's residents with a wide range and activities regardless of age or economic status. It is centrally located in the heart of the Canadian Badlands; Red Deer and Calgary are a 1.5 hour drive with the international airport about an hour away and Edmonton is a 3 hour drive.

Drumheller has 2 school systems Christ the Redeemer and Golden Hills, both of which have built or renovated recently.

The community itself has a stable economic base with 5 economic drivers, which is rare for a small community with a population of under 8000.

Drumheller is an established service hub for the smaller communities within its trade area by supplying a safe secure water source, fire protection and support services ranging from health care, cosmetic/aesthetic services, accountants, insurance and lawyers, to boutique and box stores. The 30,000 population in Drumheller's trading area and the variety of economic drivers contributes to the assurance of a stable residential market.

Statistically Drumheller has had less than 1% vacancy rate in its rental market which has remained consistent for over 3 decades.

For a community its size Drumheller offers many services and experiences that are supported by the tax base, small user fees, grants, and public or private organizations.  It is a blossoming art community with influence from The Rosebud School of Arts and Theatre,Kaleidoscope Theatre, various art guilds and Hope College. If you are a sports enthusiast, there is a n indoor and out door pool, water slide, a terrific arena that is home to a Junior "A" Hockey Team "The Drumheller Dragons". Drumheller is also home to a provincial winning football team "The Titans" as well as junior & senior soccer, volleyball & fastball teams plus a fantastic minor hockey league.

The Community Facility boasts indoor volleyball, basketball & tennis courts, an indoor track, a state of the art gym meeting and banquet rooms plus houses a modern library that is municipally funded and provides you with a "world at your fingertips" for a nominal charge.

Drumheller has a modern hospital staffed with physicians, nurses and support staff, 2 health clinics, physio therapists, chiropractors, optometrists, dental offices and a hearing clinic to name a few key services for Drumheller and area.

Here are just a few highlights Drumheller has to offer. It is a community that truly has so much to ROAR about.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact me. I am proud of my community and look forward to working exclusivly with you.

Home Buyers

What to Expect When Buying a New Home!

For a first time home buyer or any buyer for that matter the process is overwhelming. Here are a few things to take into consideration.


  • Know what you can afford. Go to your Banker or Mortgage Broker and get a pre-aproval.
  • Start saving before you start shopping - The greater the down payment, the cheaper the financing. Mortgages with less than 20% down must be insured with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
  • Find out what your total monthly housing cost would be, including taxes and homeowners insurance.The cost to own your home shouldn't be more than 25% of your income.
  •  Find out how much you'll likely pay in closing costs. The upfront cost of purchasing your home shouldn't be overlooked. Closing costs include: home inspection & or appraisal fees, CMHC/lender fees, Lawyer fee to transfer title, taxes and prepaid items such as homeowners insurance.

 Choose a REALTOR (R) to work closely with.

  • REALTORS (R) can show any property on the market, not just their own listings, so make sure you choose one Realtor to work with closely.The better your agent knows you the better they are able to help you find the perfect home.
  • Be prepared to sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement, the sooner you do the better you will understand the process of buying a home and how things work.
  • Check the selling prices of comparable homes in your area. This will help you to determine fair market value.


  • Decide on your wants and needs. Be realistic depending on your price range.
  • Make notes so you don't forget all the features of the homes. Its easy to get mixed up, confused or forget after seeing only a few houses.


  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Be prepared to discuss: price, initial deposit, possession date, Real Property Reports, chattles (unattched goods), & conditions.


  • Have a professional do a home inspection.  Keep in mind all homes will have issues so there may be a few things which will need attention. Have a few dollars set aside for minor repairs.
  • Your banker/mortgage broker will need a copy of the offer to purchase. The financial institution may request an appraisal or a cosigner.
  • Once conditions are met (waived) the house is officially sold.


  • Make sure to chose a lawyer, get insurance, and transfer utilities into your name prior to possession.


Professional Background

I have worked at various business within the community including Stavros Restaurant, the Dinosaur Trail Golf and Country Club in both the club house and the pro shop, Marks Work Wear House, and most recently at the Drumheller Institution. I am always up for a challenge and enjoy a fast pace environment where I can learn and grow.

Let me assist you in finding your dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for you, and in the price range you want. Or if you are interested in selling a property, I also have the expertise to help you get the fastest sale possible and at the best price.

I look forward to the opportunity of working for you!


I graduated from Drumheller Composite High school and went on to attend College in Lethbridge. I graduated from Lethbridge College obtaining my Diploma with Honors in Business Administration.

2009 Completed the Real Estate Course and Obtained my License to trade in Real Estate in Alberta.

2012 Accredited Buyer Representative Course

2012 Effective Negotiating Course @ CREB.


Personal Background

I was born and raised in Drumheller, attended College in Lethbridge and obtained my Diploma in Business Administration.   Lethbridge is a beautiful place with all the amenities of a big city with the feel of a small town, but nothing compared to coming home to Drumheller, home cooked meals and game nights with family and friends.

After spending almost a decade working at the Drumheller Institution I decided I loved Real Estate and wanted to use my knowledge and passion for the industry to help clients & friends navigate their way through the process of buying or selling a home!

Drumheller is an easy place to call home. Its easy to love the rolling hills, the flowing river and the wonderful people here.

Professional Interests

Real Estate is not just an interest of is a passion.

Property List

610 5 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
848 living area
201 a & B 1 Street N, Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
1,496 living area
209 1 Street W, Munson, AB T0J 2C0
Beds: 2 / Baths: 2
1,524 living area
31 Huntington Park, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 3 / Baths: 3
1,658 living area
812 3 Street SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 5 / Baths: 4
2,135 living area
218 1 Avenue W, Delia, AB T0J 0W0
Beds: 4 / Baths: 3
1,627 living area
707 3 Street SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 4 / Baths: 2
856 living area
216 5 Street, Drumheller, AB T0J 2E0
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,407 living area
224032 Hwy 9 Highway, Rural Kneehill County, AB T0M 0L0
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
1,908 living area
202009 Twp Rd 284 Hwy 9, Rural Kneehill County, AB T0J 0Y0
Beds: 6 / Baths: 4
2,052 living area
461 4 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y4
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
675 living area
217 1 Avenue N, Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
1,012 living area
224 2 Avenue W, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
1,398 living area
201A 9 Avenue SE, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 4 / Baths: 3
1,232 living area
22 Willow Point, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,369 living area
1225 1 Avenue W, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y2
Beds: 4 / Baths: 3
980 living area
1149 Newcastle Road, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y2
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,220 living area
541 Riverside Drive W, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y3
Beds: 5 / Baths: 4
2,202 living area
416 11 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
836 living area
542 5 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y4
Beds: 3 / Baths: 1
1,097 living area
509 2 Street SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 1 / Baths: 1
534 living area
460 2 Street SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 3 / Baths: 1
845 living area
229 2 Avenue W, Delia, AB T0J 0W0
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
960 living area
419 15 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 4 / Baths: 3
1,478 living area
167 1 Street W, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y4
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
650 living area
630 2 Avenue W, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y3
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
720 living area
325 4 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y4
Beds: 1 / Baths: 1
870 living area
516 5 Avenue E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
1,460 living area
403 17 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,196 living area
100 1 Avenue, Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
960 living area
1353 1 Avenue NW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y1
Beds: 6 / Baths: 4
3,523 living area
170 9 Street NW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y1
Beds: 6 / Baths: 4
5,393 living area
304 16 Street NW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y1
Beds: 4 / Baths: 3
1,168 living area
604 Greene Close, Drumheller, AB T0J 2E0
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,349 living area
572 5 Avenue E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
844 living area
1614 4 Avenue SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y2
Beds: 3 / Baths: 2
1,312 living area
710 1 Street SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,180 living area
120 3 Street W, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y3
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
740 living area
608 Bankview Drive, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 3 / Baths: 3
2,223 living area
104 23 Street NW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y1
Beds: 4 / Baths: 2
1,323 living area
215 1 Avenue S, Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Beds: 5 / Baths: 2
1,186 living area
310014 16-2 Range Road, Rural Starland County, AB T0J 0W0
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,360 living area
415 Bruce Avenue, Carbon, AB T0M 0L0
Beds: 4 / Baths: 4
1,574 living area
709 3 Street SW, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y6
Beds: 3 / Baths: 1
720 living area
416 8 Street E, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y5
Beds: 4 / Baths: 2
1,445 living area
106 1 Street W, Munson, AB T0J 2C0
Beds: 5 / Baths: 3
1,260 living area
148 4th Street, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0
Beds: 2 / Baths: 1
956 living area

CENTURY 21® Awards

  • 2016 - Masters Silver
  • 2015 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2014 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2013 - Masters Emerald
  • 2012 - Masters Ruby
  • 2011 - Masters Silver

Community Involvement

I volunteer on many community groups such as:

Half Marathon Committee 2011-2018

The Drumheller Rotary Club: 2012-present

Municipal Planning Commission. 2013-present

Habitat for Humanity Drumheller Chapter 2016-present




Why is a Real Property Report Important
Finding an Agent
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